Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Valuable Training

Fox Just laughed. “Hopeless new adventures. It’s no wonder how rare it is for any of you to reach your full potential before giving up entirely. So he just gave you the boot right off did he? Some people have no patience. I don’t blame them. I mean look at you. Who could stand such an unattractive, looming, loud, …”

“Can you help me or not? I interrupted.

He was getting entirely too much pleasure from my pain.

“Well go round up a healer and I’ll see if there is any hope for you as a thief. No promises though. Elvaan are a hard headed race.”

I knew exactly who I wanted for the job. I called on him every excuse I could without shame and he always made me feel like I was the one doing him a favor. His company was becoming a craving I didn’t care to attempt to tame.

“Brodie are you free?” I called over the linkshell.

“I can be.” He replied. “Where do you want to meet me?”

“Don’t you want to know what I’m asking first?”

“It doesn’t really make a difference but sure, what do you need?”

“I’m having a bad day. My Taru friend Foxx is going to give me a lesson in pulling. I would just feel better having you there to cure me. I’m at Garlaige Citadel.

“Oh that place. Yeah it can be a nightmare especially the first time through. Really if you enjoyed it something would be wrong with you. I’ll be right there.”

Brodie was the first to arrive. I threw my arms around his neck when I saw him and sighed deeply with relief.

“Thank you. Just seeing a friendly face makes me feel better.”

I told him the story of my party earlier. He listened without intently without interruption.

“Everyone has bad days. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure it just means you’re taking the same steps all of us have to become the person we want to be. I feel privileged that you allow me to journey with you. Someday I will be envied for the role you allow me to play.”

“Wow, you really know how to boost a girl’s self-esteem after a full day of party killing.” I laughed. I meant it. I already felt much better.

“Well hello murderer.” Foxx said with a twisted grin. “So we want to make you an acceptable puller do we?

“Good to see you Brodie.” He said as the two men nodded a greeting to each other. “I see you are already skilled in manipulating the men of Vana’diel. Makes my stomach turn. Well let’s not waste time.”

“Good to see he’s in a good mood.” Brodie grinned as he cast a protection spell over me.

This is not an instruction manual. I charge three easy installments of twenty gil for that if you’re interested. Valuable information I don’t give away free of charge. I am a thief after all and I have expensive desires. Rest assured my instruction that day saved many people’s lives. There was much dodging, waiting, and near death but by the time he finished with me I felt like nothing could catch me and there was no pull I couldn’t handle.

These two men were near opposites. One seemed to hate me yet was always ready to back me up while the other openly adored and protected me even at the cost of his own life if need be yet I wouldn’t give up either for all the treasure in Jeuno. A true friend no amount of gil can buy.


Dantaro said...

Woo! You're back! Yaaaaaaay!

Thistle said...

Heehee, I like Foxx.

And yay you being back!

Brodie said...

Its true, id rush to help you in a heartbeat. But who can blame me? Your almost too good to be true. I skilled theif, a beauty that could make even the most amazing gem look like glass, and the mind to come up with these creative stories. Keep up the great work. I hope we will get to play again soon. *huggles*

Shadow said...

Good to see your back. I love reading your stories keep up the great work!