Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So it was true. As I held the broken pearl sack in my hands I was overwhelmed for a moment with sadness. The failure of linkshell groups was becoming an all too common occurrence as of late and it weighted heavily on my heart. This last group, Envy, was founded by one of my oldest friends and mentor Orabu. He said he had enough and was retiring from adventuring forever. I couldn’t believe it was over so soon.

Envy was one of the splinter groups that formed after the strange disappearance of Sethsmith. Rumor flew of a love affair gone wrong but with him and his fiancé missing no one could be sure. Search parties were sent out but after finding a note from Sethsmith announcing his departure the searchers where called back.

Now I was faced with the task of finding a new group. Everyone knows thieves do not find solitude agreeable. Things are much easier when a self sacrificing Paladin takes all the heavy blows while thieves can stay under the radar stealing and back stabbing to their heart’s content. We need alliances and to be honest I just plain get lonely.

My trance of thought was broken as I felt the tug of a Taru pulling on my checkerboard -patterned armor.

“Alison do you hear me? What happened to the linkshell? Have you heard?” he asked with worry apparent on his face.

I smiled down at the confused face of my dear friend Jumpingtaru. I swept him up in my arms and gave him a hug that was more for me than him.

Unexpectedly I felt the abrasive tongue of a Mithra’s tongue against my cheek. Kammy’s tail swished anxiously as she showed me her broken pearl. We all gathered together discussing rumors of what had caused this unexpected break. One thing became clear. Envy was over and if we were to stay together a new group had to be formed and soon.

Why not me? I don’t chase leadership but I am capable in a pinch. Someone had to step up or all my friends would scatter to a dozen different linkshells and my inventory simply couldn’t keep up with all the pearls I would want in order to keep in touch with my favorite people.

And so ThumbMonkeys was born. On New Years Eve we busily got out the word that a new year would bring new adventures and we would not be facing them alone. The ThumbMonkeys would be our new home and Altana willing, nothing would break us up.


Who is Pete? said...

I think Alison is sexy. She smells good.

Anonymous said...

So ThumbMonkeys is a linkshell. A group of gamers that play online together? They have a web page yes?