Monday, September 04, 2006

Chocobo License

So yeah, I got my chocobo riding license. All the respectable types have them so I had to be one of the cool kids and get one too. That and lets face it, I’m a girly girl and what girly girl doesn’t love giant pets that you can ride around on at high speeds hair blowing in the wind?

As soon as I traded my gil for the reins of a chocobo I felt a surge of excitement like never before. I wanted to explore all the places I could never go before because it simply wasn’t safe. This would be freedom for me.

I shoved my boot in the stirrup and swung myself up. Oh yeah did it feel good. The saddle was deep and thickly padded with a large hand hold across the cantle.

“Don’t take your hand off the grip.” The Elvaan woman said as she slapped the bird on the hindquarters.

The chocobo jumped forward with such force that I couldn’t help but laugh because honestly it scared the crap out of me. I was not at all ready. Thank goodness I was holding on or I would have been left in the dirt at the stables where I’m sure they would have taken my license back.

We were moving at incredible speeds. The chocobo flew between strides with springy bounding steps that ensured that my hand would not for any reason leave that grip.

After getting the rhythm of its long gait I got down to the business of going somewhere. Now I don’t know where that somewhere was but I was having a really good time. Every beastman I passed got a not so lady like shout and every adventure I saw I gave a friendly wave. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Somewhere in the middle Jugnar Forest while I was admiring the gorgeous black tigers the chocobo started to shake its head.

“What’s wrong boy?” I asked.

The bird started to pull at the reins and back up. I was totally baffled. I had no idea what was wrong with the crazy animal.

It had lost patience with me and started to crow hop around until it bucked me off into the bushes.

I think I was completely justified in using words unfitting of a dignified Elvaan woman. I tried to toss a rock at the stupid beast but it was long gone.

I turned on my linkpearl. “What the heck?! That worthless bird just left me in the middle of nowhere.”

“…You know you have a time limit on your rentals don’t you?” Willowkarr said.

The linkshell let out a unified laugh.

“Well now I do.” I grumbled. “Thanks for the NO warning.”

Well at least I was prepared this time. Scrambling through my bag and pulled out some silent oils and prism powders and made my way back to Jeuno.

At least I didn’t die this time. That is a definite improvement. All in all though I have to give the chocobo riding an enthusiastic thumbs up.


Cyrex said...

hehe, that happend to me too>.> just didnt have oils and powders <.<

Bariko said...

Ahhh... i remember those times. An enthusiastic young thief who decided to escort a friend from Windurst to Jeuno. However, I wasted a lot of time... and my chocobo tossded me right in front of Castle Oztroja.

As I recall my words on the LS were "Why did my chocobo vanish?"

Immediately followed by a nice "Fffff-" as I died.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

LOL I think we all did! It sounds like such a good deal but everyone fails to warn us about the time limit.

OK I admit, I couldnt afford silent oil and prisom powders at that level but this blog is turning into the "Alison dies a lot and is in constant need of saving" blog which while it was true is starting to bruise the ego. Had to give her a good day.

Thanks for the comments guys. I really really love them. It gets me all excited to think of new things to write.

Smelly said...

Responding by request


They are nice stories.

Only suggestion is: Use a thesaurus for certain words. Using one for antonyms synonyms really can change the significance of a story. Oh, vary sentence structure that helps alot too. I understand if it is just a blog, but it seemed like you want to tell stories with it.

That's all keep going you are doing fine. ^^

Anonymous said...

You purchased a Chocobo license, Not a Chocobo, did not the thought of a time limit cross your mind, and why do they not warn anyone? I am begining to like these adventures.

Willowkarr said...

Posted: Oct 10 2006, 02:35 PM

YAY! I'm in a story, lol.