Thursday, September 21, 2006

Called to Service

“You there. The Thief. Justice calls you into service.” A short man barked at me.

I turned and raised an eyebrow suspiciously. I was unimpressed by his behavior. “I’m sorry. Have we met?”

“Of course not. Do I look like a common adventurer? Don’t worry Thief. I’ll make it worth your while. He patted at a heavy looking purse tied to his belt.

He had my attention. I regularly would go on small quests for town folk for rewards so this was not unusual. I just preferred people with more manors but I was willing to overlook it for the right price and this man’s purse told me he might just be able to live up to his word.

Following him down the street we entered a small poorly kept home in the middle of the city. He offered me a chair in the back room that appeared to be set up as an office

“Wait in here and someone will come and tell you the mission you will fulfill.” He closed the door behind him as he left.

“Awfully confident that I would even take on this quest.” I thought to myself as I sat against the table in the middle of the room. I waited for some more information on this quest I hoped would provide the last bit of gil I needed for a new ring.

For hours I waited, and waited, and waited some more. The sun began to set and my patience ran out. My stomach told me it was dinner time.

Attempting to turn the door knob I came to the unpleasant realization that I was more a prisoner than a guest. I was not the least bit happy as I pulled back the curtains and found bars preventing any exit by that route. Panic started to well up deep from within. I’m not a fan of being held against my will. Call it a pet peeve.

I fumbled with the door until I heard the click of my thief’s tools releasing the lock. It was a wonder I managed it in my current state of mind. Note to self: work on my confinement issues.
A set of sterling silver flatware seemed like the perfect payment for my wasted time and after gathering them up into my sack I snuck out of the Closter phobia inducing room.

Before getting very far a large fist picked me up by the back of my shirt and lifted me off my feet.

“It’s rude to leave without being excused.” A deep voice growled as he tossed me across the room. Before I blacked out I saw the mountainous Galka that tossed me like a child’s toy. This can not be good I thought to myself as I lost consciousness

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Anonymous said...

Just once you should listen to your gut, You waited hours in the room yet you suspected nothing? I guess this is how you learn to play better?