Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Paganlorre came out of nowhere and sat down beside me. He threw his cape around my dripping body in an attempt to protect me from the rain, but it was lost cause. I was already soaked through and it suited my mood.

“I never did like this place,” Paganlorre said as put his arm around me and pulled me tightly to his side. “it takes the fluff right out of my feather. I hate that.”

Throwing my legs over his lap and hugging him tightly I leaned my head on his chest and sighed deeply. “Thank you.” I said.

As I allowed the hypnotic movement of his chest rising and falling to sooth my nerves my mind drifted back to when I met him. It didn’t seem that long ago. The moogles where hosting their annual Valentines Day event and Brodie and I were determined to play the game and take home the prizes.

We were enlisted to help the local town people find love by way of chocolate. How perfect is that? Anyone who knows me knows that I go a bit nuts over the smooth creamy confection of the Gods. I think I’d do almost anything when I need a fix which is almost always. A fact I try not to let get out for fear of abuse.

“Alison, don’t eat it!” Brodie looked at me with faults disappointment. “We have to figure out what to do with them if we are going to get that signed charm wand you want.

“But it seems like we don’t ever get it right and the chocolates go to waste. If they won’t appreciate it I might as well have a nibble.” I pleaded.

Brodie laughed loudly and fed me a piece of the broken heart. In my excitement to accept the morsel I grabbed his hand and eagerly sucked the bits of melted chocolate off his fingers pausing and looking up into his eyes only when the chocolate was gone. I blushed in embarrassment and gave him back his hand.

“I think you have a bit of a chocolate smudge there around your mouth. Allow me.” Brodie grinned as he turned my chin towards his.

“I couldn’t help but notice you two seem to be having trouble with this crazy event. I just finished it myself. I’d be happy to explain it to you.” A hansom Red Mage said smiling down on us.

He had wild blond hair jutting out from around his Red Mage hat. I couldn’t help but smile back at his warm face. He seemed completely oblivious to the fact that he had just stolen my moment for a rare kiss from my Paladin.

I am a sucker for a Red Mage. Why you ask? Well even if you don’t want to admit you care you’re reading this so you’re going to find out. I find that Red Mages have a certain spunk that seems to unify them in their confidence that they are in fact very desirable in every way. If you need a man to take you out for a wild night of crazy fun then a Red Mage the man for you. Really the feathered hat says it all. I think it stems from how easily they get invites into experience parties as they are leveling. By the time they hit level 75 their heads are so big there is no living with them. It makes them a perfect target for a girl looking for a distraction. Sadly I don’t think even Paganlorre’s vibrant charm was enough to make me forget how betrayed I felt that day.

“Are you ready to go?” Paganlorre said breaking my day dream.

I nodded. I had enough solitude and I was grateful he somehow managed to find me.

“Seems like a good day to break rules.” he said as he put his broad feathered hat on my bare dripping head and scooped me up in his arms. The thought crossed my mind that if anyone saw me like this it would seriously jeopardize my reputation I was trying to establish as a tough as nails thief but I knew Paganlorre wasn’t going to tell and his loyalty wouldn’t waver from witnessing my moment of self pity.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Brodie's Betrayal

Raining. Always with fricken rain around here. I felt so numb and lifeless. I just sat there letting the drops make waterfalls down my hair and into my eyes, staring blankly ahead wallowing in the shock of what I had seen and wondering where I went wrong.

I couldn’t remember how I got there or why I came. This place seemed to pull me here. It’s always murky and full of despair. Funny how this place had come full circle. My first visit to Pashhow Marshlands I nearly died only to be saved by my white knight and now the place that was a fond memory of a sweet beginning was sucking me in again to draw me deep in despair over an unexpected end.

He was meant to be MY white knight. For months we were inseparable. Every moment that we could we were either together or talking about being together. I don’t know how this happened. I really thought he was “the one.” You know, the one I get to bring home to Mom as her son-in-law. But now that was never going to happen.

As I thought about it tears blended into the rain and rolled down my cheeks. The image of him with her felt like a dagger in my chest stealing my breath and breaking my heart. Even in the betrayal I admit that I wished he would ride up on his chocobo again and wipe the mud and tears off my face.

I had already confronted him with the photograph of him holding and kissing her. He said he thought we were only friends. He didn’t mean to upset me. I don’t know how we could be so different in our feelings. I guess it was my fault. I wasn’t clear somehow. Or was it his fault for not realizing that I not only felt we were a couple, I wanted to marry him? How could he not know?

I reached into my bag and rubbed the soft peddles of the flower necklace between my fingers. It didn’t seem that long ago but it had been months since that sweet sunset on the beach.

Rebornsoul was a Hume. Maybe I had been fooling myself to think a Hume could love an Elvaan. We couldn’t even have children and he always seemed like a family man. Thinking he wanted a future with me was foolish.

When I told him I couldn’t be friends he just looked at me in shock. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t beg me to change my mind. He didn’t ask me why. Just nothing. I think nothing was the most painful thing he could have done. When you don’t care anymore nothing is the easiest thing to do.

Brodie was my white knight. What was I supposed to do without him?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bad Night

“Just another minute.” I said without attempting to hide my irritation. “I almost have it.” I was standing waist deep in the shimmering waters of Purgonorgo Isle.

Continuing to rub my hands in the salty water the blood wouldn’t come off. It just swirled around me in clouds of red.

“Come in now.” Brodie called from the shore with uncharacteristic firmness. “You’re done.”

Ignoring him I felt overwhelmed with the urgency of the task at hand. Unable to clean my hands I reached down to tear a strip of my pants to help scrub but I saw his pale white face staring up at me through the red tinged water and stopped. Reaching in to pull Orabu out of the water an unseen force swept my feet out from under me. I struggled to regain my footing but the ground was gone.

“Brodie!” I shouted in panic.

The earth split along the beach with horrible thundering and moaning as if the ground had completely given up the will to hold itself together. Brodie was thrown to the sand like a limp rag doll. The divide grew into a large chasm driving me further and further away from my would be hero.

Realizing the water around me was rushing and swirling at increasing speeds I started to feel dizzy and hopeless. The ocean was poring into the newly forming canyon and it felt like it was pounding the air from my lungs. “I’m going to die.” I thought as I fought to stay on the surface.

I woke in a cold sweat screaming. Rover was jumping on my chest and I threw my arms out in self defense, tossing the wyvern to the floor.

Garness was standing in my doorway in white pajamas covered in large red hearts. “We thought you were being attacked. Very nosey. Late. Sleepy.” Garness mumbled.

He didn’t even have his eyes open. He just leaned on the door frame clutching a mandy doll to his chest with one hand and holding an axe in the other. I’d never look at him the same.

“I’m sorry, I’m fine.” I said with a trembling voice as I patted my body just to make sure it was all there.

“Good.” Garness said. Rover raced after the Galka as Garness closed the door mumbling something under his breath that I’m sure I didn’t want to hear.

“I think I need a change.” I thought as I got up to find a towel to wash my face. “These dreams have got to stop.”

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Meeting New Friends

Ever just feel like you need to get out and find someone who doesn’t look at you like you killed their best friend and then did a crazy stomping hoot hollering dance on his grave at the funeral? Well I have.

Sometimes it’s just good to go meet new people. Now I’ll share with you a secret place I know of to meet new faces. It’s fabulous, exclusive, and the view is great. Airships. Yep, you heard me right. It’s perfect. You have a captive audience and they generally are not busy since there is nothing to do but stare over the edge. Well, a few of them jump over the edge but they have their own issues and it’s wise to not look them in the eye.

I boarded an airship back home to Sandy one sunny afternoon with the need to be distracted from my thoughts. Walking into the main cabin and started scanning the crowd. Considering the crowd consisted of me and one other man it didn’t take me long to spot the hottie and decide he would be my next victim, I mean umm… friend.

A hansom Elvaan, tall but not so tall it hurts your neck to look up at him. He had neatly combed blond hair that came down a little over his warm thoughtful eyes. All decked out in crafters gear including a very flattering pair of glasses, he definitely looked like a man who was not afraid to get his hands dirty. Mom would love to know I was flirting with someone who clearly spent a lot of time in Sandy crafting for a living.

I smiled and waited. He looked down at me standing in front of him and smiled warmly back at me without a word. I was so in. I checked his bazaar comment and my heart sank. It was all in Japanese. All the Japanese I knew was what was in my translation book of short phrases for communicating with fellow adventurers.

There are two official languages in Vana’diel, English and Japanese. Sadly I only know one of them. I blame my mother.

Anyways, I decided this was not going to stop me today. I was determined to meet someone on this trip and he was my man even if he only entertained me for the ride until we ran out of things to say to each other with our phrase books.

Actually you can get a lot said with gestures and short phrases and I had a blast laying it on thick with the smiling, dancing about, and seductive grinning and winking. It wasn’t until we arrived at our destination and I winked and waved goodbye that he spoke plainly.

“So we are only going to play charades and go our separate ways?” he asked.

“I didn’t know you spoke English.” I said with a shocked expression on my face. “Your bazaar comment is all in Japanese I just assumed....”

He looked at me and laughed. “You didn’t ask. I speak both reasonably well. I’m sorry to mislead you. My name is Kiraa, it is a pleasure to meet you.” He said with a bow.

I blushed in embarrassment. I really had acted like a monkey on a sugar high. Now I felt rather silly. Now that I think of it, I embarrass myself a lot so I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Somehow we clicked and I became close friends with this gentle man. Or maybe I became his stalker and he was too kind to tell me to go away, either way a very beneficial day. Enjoyed a lovely airship ride and gained a very intelligent soft spoken new friend. I found him completely fascinating. He was much more experienced than me and I wanted to learn everything I could from him. He is unlike anyone else I have ever met and I treasure his friendship.

So, next time you feel like you need a fresh face to talk to, put down the warp cudgel and take a nice relaxing airship ride. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re brave enough to just say hello.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bringing Him Home

“I am willing to give you his body and soul in exchange for his power. The moogle took a dagger out of a mahogany box and handed it to me. You must pierce his heart threw his back and let his blood spill down the hilt onto your hands. Return the dagger to me and he is free.” she instructed.

“How do I know it won’t kill him?” I asked.

“Well I guess you will have to trust me. He won’t die today. I never lie. It’s like a fresh clean slate to start a new life. With time he can be just as powerful and famous as before if he is willing to work at it and most importantly he will be completely freed from his contract with me. A win win situation really. I keep his power and possessions and he gets his life and freedom. What is there to decide? I guess I could keep him for our agreed upon eternity but hey, how many people do you know who get to live that long? Maybe you should leave him with me.” Ursula grinned.

I clutched the dagger tightly and lunged at the moogle but I didn’t get far. She froze me in my tracks. It felt like I was encapsulated in stone unable to move an inch and struggling to breathe.

“Oh come on, we already did this. You can’t hurt me. Do we have a deal or not?” Moogle said looking a bit irritated.

She released me and my arm fell to my side. I clutched the dagger knowing that I had no choice. This enemy could not be defeated. She legally owned Orabu by his own decisions and she was too powerful to be forced her to release him.

Orabu just stood there where he had been all along, expressionless and blank. Tears welled up in my eyes and I prayed that he would forgive me. Standing behind him I thrust the dagger into his back piercing his heart. Orabu cried out in pain and his knees buckled. I grasped one arm around his waist to steady him as his blood ran down my hands. As I pulled the dagger out of the wound it healed over leaving a silver scar on his shoulder. Sliding the bloody blade across the room I crumpled on the floor with Orabu in my lap.

“It’s done.” I said solemnly as I pushed his long hair away from his eyes.

The moogle picked up the dagger and it crumbled into a pile of ash. She had absorbed all his power and experience. No wonder she was so strong. I can only imagine how many lives she had stolen with her deceitful deals.

“Alison,” he whispered as he looked up to me with a ghost pale face. “What have you done?”

I just held him and sobbed. “Please forgive me. There was no other way.”

Ursula raised our party and they sat up in stunned silence to see me holding Orabu and weeping.

In a flash we were all teleported to Port Jeuno. It was over.

For days after we got home some of our party members still felt the effect of the run in with the moogle witch. I can only imagine what she whispered in their ears that haunted them. To let someone so powerful know your heart’s deepest desire is a dangerous thing.

I’m not sure exactly what happened to Ursula but after we told our story to our personal moogles they assured us that it would be handled internally and no adventure would ever be tempted by her schemes again. They all left for a few hours and came back saying it was taken care of.

I can only imagine what Beldin had secretly been through but it was unnerving to catch him crying in Whitegate near the port the night we got back from Castle Zvahl Baileys when he thought he was finally alone.

“Beldin, what’s wrong?” I asked quietly as I put my hand on his shoulder.

“Allergies.” Beldin smiled without even turning to look who asked the question. “I’m allergic to… um…” He looked up at the moon as he paused to think, “Full moons. Blasted thing makes my eyes itch every month.

“Is this about the witch? She spoke to me too but she seemed especially interested in you.” I asked cautiously.

After what felt like an eternal silence as we watched the ships come and go he looked down and overflowed with emotion, “I had a wife and a son. She forced the images of their death in my head again and offered to reunite us. That’s impossible isn’t it? The past can not be changed and the dead can not be made whole again. I hate that I felt so helpless to stop her. I’m pissed that the moogles got to Ursula before I had a chance to go back and jam my spear into her black heart and crush her body to a messy pulp.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “But this pain is nothing new. I just needed a night to allow myself to feel again before I hide it back away. I’ll be back to my old charming self that you love by morning.” He looked down at me and gave me one of his Beldin grins even as he let the tears run down his face.

There was nothing I could say. I couldn’t pretend to know how he felt. I just smiled softly to acknowledge his weak attempt at reassuring me he was ok. I linked my arm with his and squeezed tightly. It didn’t feel right to let him be alone on a night like that even if all I could do was stand in silence with him while the “allergies” got the better of us.

Orabu couldn’t forgive me. Our friendship was never the same. From that day forward he called himself Ubaro, a new name for a new life. He didn’t give up on adventuring. He has not reached his former glory as a level 75 adventure known world wide for great deeds but I do not doubt he will again some day.

Sadly after months struggling to heal the hurt Ubaro and I decided it was best to part ways. Every time he saw me he thought of the agony of the loss of his life and it tore me apart to have him look at me that way. Ubaro left the linkshell to find a new path. He was a mentor and a friend and I respect and love him deeply still but to me it feels like Obaru is dead and Ubaro is a stranger. From time to time I do pass him in my travels and wonder if he can ever really forgive me.

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Image of Ubaro and Martin putting on a concert after the start of his new life but before we parted ways.

Monday, November 06, 2006


“But you’re not a demon, you’re a moogle.” Apocolipse said in disbelief. He managed to say what we were all too shocked to utter.

“Yes I am. My name is Ursula. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The moogle witch said with a bow.

“I thought your race all preferred to be called Moogle.” Foxx said suspiciously.

“I am a unique individual like you. I think it is only fair that I have a unique name. Don’t you think?” She said. “In the spirit of my race I only live to serve though I don’t feel compelled to call everyone Kupo. Why must they always finish everything they say with Kupo, Kupo, Kupo? It’s so annoying. Don’t you agree? And all that happy chirping with no real emotion. I am more honest, more real than that.”

I take service a step beyond what other moggles dare. Moogles are very powerful. We are capable of much more than storage and house cleaning. Where my counterparts will fetch your mail I will fill your mailbox with something that will make all your comrades green with envy. If your heart is empty, I can fill it. Whatever your desire, I have the power to give it to you. I only desire to be the most successful moogle of all time in advancing the success of you adventures. I only wish to help out the poor unfortunate souls who can not achieve their full potential without my help. Those in pain, those in need, I am more than willing to share my gift with them. For a fee of course but do I help them? Yes, indeed.

“We’re not here to rub the genie’s lamp. We are here to take Orabu home. Where is he? We want him back.” Willowkarr demanded.

“He is home. He’s with me and quite comfortable. He could not fulfill our agreement so he is paying off his debt. Justice demands it. I am bound by our contract.” Ursula replied.

“The question is what can I do for you?” I heard the moogle witch say to me.

I startled as I realized the question came from within my mind instead of through my ears.

“I heard your wish, a truly pure and worthy desire. You would be doing the world a great disservice to keep it to yourself.” The voice cooed sweetly.

“Enough!” Ryger shouted. “Get out of my head before I slice yours into pieces”

Ryger drew his sword and stood ready to charge but just as suddenly he yelled in pain and dropped his blade. Clutching his forearm he fell to his knees.

“Now now. Moggles are not a violent race. Why would you be so rude as to draw a weapon in my home? Please, make yourselves comfortable. There is no need to worry about your friend. He has simply retired from adventuring. It was his choice. I am always honest in my dealings.” Ursula said.

“Then you won’t mind if we see him.” Brodie said.

“I can see this is the only thing that will satisfy you.” Ursula said with a sigh. “Orabu, please bring your friends something to eat and show them that you are doing just fine.”

“Yes my Lady.” Orabu said as he came into the room with a platter of grapes.

Marrcus took the platter from him tossing it on the ornate tile floor just in time to keep Willowkarr from running head long into it as she charged Orabu tossing her arms around his neck and weeping with emotion. “I was so worried you might be dead.” She cried.

Others came forward to greet him but I just stood there filled with dread. I walked up to him slowly looking him over. I knew it was him but something was terribly wrong. I cupped his face in my hands and looked deep within his eyes looking for some glimmer of my friend. His eyes were blank and expressionless. He was clearly under Ursula’s spell.

“Restore him back or we break your black magic by spilling your blood.” I said angrily.

“Why does everyone assume that I am a villain? He came to me you know. He wanted the most powerful linkshell there ever was. He wanted his group to be widely known not only for being capable of accomplishing tremendous tasks together but for a strong brotherhood they would to enjoy. A real family bond. Beautiful don’t you think?” Ursula chirped.

“He doesn’t look very happy to me. He doesn’t look like he feels anything. What did you do to him?” Petru demanded as he rubbed his tiny Taru hands together in preparation for any spell needed in the impending conflict.

“Your friend couldn’t fill his end of the agreement. All I asked was that he prove his leadership abilities by having fifteen people equip his linkshell at once within one month without mentioning our agreement ofcourse. He couldn’t do it.” Ursula explained. “It should have been so simple.”

“I think we have had enough talking. I like the blood spilling idea.” Dominuse said standing ready to pound the tiny white fluff ball of a witch with his large fists.

The moogle leaned back and laughed loudly. “Galka always prefer brute force over good reason. I think Beldin understands that I only want to help. Don’t you Beldin? He knows that only I can grant his heart’s desire. Is that something you really want to give up?”

“I’m not stupid enough to try to make deals with you. Find yourself another victim.” Beldin growled as he reached back for his lance.

“You can stroke your lance and ready your weapons all you like. They will not serve you here. I’m so hurt by all of this hostility. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave if you can’t be nice.” Moogle said in a slightly sharper tone.

“Not without Orabu.” Garness said.

“I want to kill him myself most days but I wouldn’t leave him here in that state. He’s ours. Hand him over or we see just how tough a moogle can actually be.” Doma said as she tightened her white gloves and reached for her weapon.

“Well if you insist on making me prove my point.” Ursula said.

We didn’t need a second invitation. We rushed in to chop this little fur ball into bite sized wyvern snacks but we didn’t get far. We bounced off an unseen barrier like rain off a window pane. The stronger party members continued to try to force past it while the mages worked earnestly to find a spell that would deteriorate it. Foxx circled the wall to see if there was any other way to enter. Doma, Kammy, and Willowkarr tried to dig under the unseen force but it seemed to circle the evil witch moogle in an unpopable bubble.

Meanwhile Ursula flopped down in an overstuffed chair propping her feet up on the arm rests and started to read a book, ignoring our efforts. After about twenty minutes of struggle she looked up at us with a rather annoyed expression. “Must you be so loud? Can you not see I’m really getting into this book. I just adore a good love story. I’ll read aloud if you promise to quiet down.”

“You have got to be kidding me.” Martin said exasperated.

“Fine. I won’t share.” Ursula said and with that she peered over the book at Martin and the Paladin fell helpless to the floor a breath away from destruction.

Marrcus cast a raise spell on him and healed him as well as he could but other party members started dropping in quick succession until only I was standing.

The moogle put her book down and flew over to me looking me in the eye and speaking to me in my mind. “I wanted to talk to you alone. I can see in your heart you can save your friend. I do leave room for mercy but at a steep price befitting of the reward. Only someone who loves him can break the spell he is under. It will not be easy. Are you willing?” Moogle asked.

I felt a tide of panic well up at the thought of negotiating with this notoriously deceitful creature but I didn’t see any other way. “Tell me what you want and then I’ll tell you if I will pay.” I replied as coolly as I could muster.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Demon Witch

“I’m here. We can go save the helpless Hume now.” Beldin announced as he brushed the snow off his Dragoon armor.

Dominuse came in quietly behind him. “I’m sorry we are late. How can we help?”

“We saved room for you both in Foxx’s party. If you don’t need a rest I think we’re ready to go shake this witch out of her hiding place.” I said

The demons in Castle Zvahl Baileys look like they were cut out of the castle itself. Both are roughly cut and black as onyx. It makes it easy to be caught off guard by a large group of them and be overwhelmed if you don’t pay attention. If a demon sees you attacking his comrade he will waste no time in coming to his friend’s aid by attempting to remove your head from your shoulders. A task with which you really don’t want him to have success.

We wasted enough time killing our way up to the castle so we opted for speed by way of sneaking around as many of the locals as possible though in a group as large as ours we did have more than one, “Oops I think he spotted me, and oh by the way he has friends.”

“Not to doubt your sense of direction but I think we’ve passed this way already.” Marrcus said.

He was right. The map didn’t make sense to me. I couldn’t see how I was supposed to get down to the floor we needed. “I think you’re right.” I admitted. “Can someone else make sense of this maze?”

“Give that to me. How do you get so many people willing to follow you when you have no idea what you’re doing?” Foxx blurted out in frustration. “I’ll get us there. Just show me where you are trying to go.”

I handed the map to the Taru and he bounded off without another word in long Taru leaps as he held the map close to his face. We followed him closely as we could until we reached a room with a cavernous hole in the middle. Foxx circled the edge until we reached the far side and stopped. Looking down and then checking his map again he nodded to himself and said, “Yep, we jump down here. See that ledge. We want to land on it. You miss the ledge and I leave you there to die and maybe we’ll pick up the bodies later” he sneered. Without hesitation he leapt down nimbly and walked out of sight.

The two Dragoons followed quickly behind without a problem but when Jumpingtaru took his turn he hit the ledge hard and rolled. Garness reached out and grabbed Jumpingtaru by his boot before he tumbled over the edge. “Ouchie.” Jumpingtaru whimpered. “I didn’t like that.”

“Bend your knees when you land.” Beldin called up.

“You have got to be kidding me.” I said. “You are telling me the only way in is a fifteen foot drop to a ledge I may or may not be able to land on? This is crazy. What kind of person designs a castle like this? I know a king is not expected to leap down there like a rabbit. There must be another way.”

My fellow party members took turns jumping down with perfect success but I was not so sure this was a good idea. It’s not that I have a fear of heights it’s that that I have a fear of a painful death where my lovely face may be smashed by large pointy rocks.

“Are you ready to go?” Brodie asked me as he stood behind me at the edge.

“I’m not sure. Another minute maybe.” I said timidly peering down below.

“I’m afraid we don’t have another minute to let you decide. I think that pack of demons coming this way would like to use us as welcome mats for future visitors.” With that he picked me up in his arms. “Sorry sweetie.” He said as he tossed me over the edge.

I hardly had time to gasp in disbelief before Gurok caught me in his massive Galkan arms and shook with laughter. “Do you need me to carry you the rest of the way or do you think you can handle the remainder of the trip on your own two feet?” he mocked.

“Stop messing around.” Foxx commanded. “We’re here.”

With that I squirmed down not even pausing to give my usual look of death appropriate for such occasions. “Which wall Foxx?” I asked.

“Humm…” he said as he ran his hand along the wall without touching the stones. He stopped as a faint purple glow emitted from a barely visible crystal shard embedded in the rock. As Foxx took his hand away the light dissipated. “Here.” He stated confidently.

“Everyone ready?” I asked.

“Of course.” Kammy said as she reached out and touched the wall. Nothing happened. In what can only be described as a Mithra temper tantrum she started clawing at the wall wildly. “Foxx broke it! Fix it, Fix it!!” she shrieked.

“I can fix it.” I reassured her and she stopped and perked her ears to listen.

“To open the door, and I quote, you must have a ‘heart aching with a burning desire." I told her.

“But I do. I want to save Orabu!” she said as she went to work on the wall again. Her fingers started to bleed and Moltov reached around her holding her arms down tightly against her sides and whispered something to her that calmed her down.

“Maybe it needs to be something bigger though by your determination I’m surprised you didn’t qualify. Something you would be willing to give everything for. Think of it clearly and try again.” I told her.

“I think I should go in first. Hard to say what is over there and I’m sure I have something that will open this portal.” Siegg said. With that he reached out and touched the wall. The crystal burned a blinding purple to white light and Siegg disappeared.

“Lets not waste time.” I said. “We don’t want him in there alone. I’ll go last to make sure we all enter.”

The light burned almost continuous as hero after hero reached out with the one thing they would give anything to have secretly expressed in their minds until it was only me and Garness.

“I can’t get it to work.” Garness said with frustration. “I’m having a bit of trouble thinking of anything.”

“Isn’t there something you crave above all else?” I asked.

“Darn you woman if there was I wouldn’t be out here with my friends in there!” he shouted.

“Ok, easy big guy.” I said. “I have an idea.” I reached my arm around him.

“I don’t feel that way about you Alison.” Garness said as he started to step back.

“Don’t be silly. Trust me for once.” I said as I pulled him near me and touched the crystal.

With that we were in. We all stood silently with shocked expressions. What we saw we had not been prepared for. A pack of fifty demons would have been less shocking to see.

“Welcome adventures.” It said. “So many customers at once I have not had before. All with such noble desires too. It must be my lucky day to be of service to such a fine group. What can I humbly do for you?”