Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fountain Fun

“Alison, I’m getting married tomorrow. How do you like that?” He said sharply paused, then sputtered out a laugh.

“I’m delighted for you Beldin.” I said rather suspiciously. I had a feeling something might be wrong. Jenjen and Beldin were crazy about each other and tomorrow we would marry them on the beautiful beach of Purgonorgo Isle with all their friends and family there to witness and celebrate. It was going to be beautiful. I wondered if he had some pre wedding jitters.

“I’m going to have a party too and you’re invited. You can be the guest of honor Miss Chaperone. Why don’t you come on over and join us now? We are enjoying a jolly good time in snooty San d’Oria.” With that I heard a loud splash and giggling over the linkshell pearl and Beldin’s connection was lost.

“Anyone else think that sounded like trouble?” I asked.

“Yes, let’s go join him!” Willowkarr said with a smile as she hopped down off the bookshelf where she had been looking rather bored while studying her finance records.

“I think we should all go. A wild party is just what we need today.” Moltov said as he pulled his boots back on.

“Who doesn’t love parties?” I tried to reassure myself. Nothing wrong with a bit of a party the day before to get the excitement pumping.

Beldin’s last transmission was from Southern San d'Oria and that is where I found him. Saturated boots lay across the bench and Beldin the dragoon lay in a fountain with a bottle of rum comfortable as if he was in his own bath tub. It was a rather warm sunny day and it did look like a wonderful idea even if it was a bit unconventional.

I chuckled as I took off my boots, “They are going to come arrest you soon. You know how Elvaan love their rules.”

“Nope, this dear woman, is all mine today. You think you are so smart. I have permission from the king himself to use this area. There is much you do not know about his charming young pirate.” Winking he offered me a drink.

“You really should learn to teleport. It’s so much faster.” Willowkarr was walking out of the pub with what looked like a fudge ripple milkshake. “Try this. It’s my special mix.” She handed me a glass and I was captivated in one sip. It was fudgy creamy intoxication and I drank it in one long pull.

“Oh my goodness that is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! More! More!” I cheered. I was already sitting on the edge of the fountain letting the water roll down my legs. It really did feel wonderful.

Linkshell members started showing up and joining our impromptu fountain party. Moltov came with Kammy riding on his shoulders. Kjarbo, Martin, Zhirin, Yamari, Arcon and others started arriving and making themselves comfortable strolling in and out of the nearby pub. There was even a bard playing there just for the occasion. A bit of jealousy might have crept into my brain considering my party for Jen was not going to be quite so flashy. I chuckled to myself. Ok, maybe more flashy in some ways but less in others.

A dripping wet bar maid arrived with drinks and Beldin stopped and looked at her like she was filet mignon being served to a starving man. His mouth gapped a bit as he googled her with his eyes in an almost frightening manor. I guessed she was the giggling splash I heard over my pearl.

I glared in disapproval. “So Beldin, how is Jenjen?”

“Don’t know.” He replied simply while turning away from the attendant to look at me. “I haven’t seen her all day. She’s probably picking up flowers or talking to the baker or something. You need to stop worrying so much.” Reaching up he caught me by the front of my vest and the attendant by her skirt and rolled us into the water with him with an enormous splash. “Now this is more what I had in mind for today”

The bar maid laughed in delight as she threw her arms around him. “Sir Beldin, you naughty man.” She giggled as she batted at him with her hand then pulled a few gil out of his pocket and tucked them in her shirt.

“Lets get food for everyone.” He smiled as he lifted the maid out of the fountain by her waist. Taking a long drink he looked at me and laughed with his whole body. I was sopping wet as I sat letting the fountain cascade down my back. My hair style was ruined and plastered to my face. Rubbing my hinney I was feeling very very unhappy. I would have stabbed him already if I wasn’t in charge of his wedding the very next morning. “Let me make it up to you.” He said with a sly smile.

Leaping at me like a wild cat he caught my head in one hand wrapping his fingers in my loose hair and cradling my waist with the other arm. Spinning around in one smooth motion he kissed me as if it has been years in the making instead of the drunken foolish whim that it was. I sheepishly admit that I probably could have struggled a little harder to break free but all I managed was to weakly slap at the water behind me.

I heard a glass break and then Beldin fell onto me submerging me into the cold pool of water. He leapt off drawing his gun and I came up sputtering and making death threats. Seeing a large rock next to me and looking up to see Jenjen angrily shooting daggers out her eyes at us with clinched fists I realize she had lobbed the rock at his head when she arrived and saw what he was doing.

“Holy Crap” kept repeating in my head over and over again as a feeling of guilt stricken panic welled up from deep in my gut. I was horrified and sat with my mouth gaping open.

“Jenjen my love.” Beldin said as he smiled at her innocently.

“This party is over.” She shouted. “Everyone leave now!” He tail was stiff and erect and her face and fist were so tight I looked like she might explode at any moment.

I was petrified. It certainly wasn’t my idea but at that moment I was sure I was going to die for this all the same and I felt so guilty death was starting to sound like a nice fast way out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


“Strippers? You must be kidding. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.” I said after closing my gaping mouth.

“Don’t be silly. Its tradition where I come from and one I am sure JenJen will love you for including in her party. I will be happy to interview men to find the best. I’ll search all of Ragnarok if I have to.” Willowkarr grinned as her tail swished anxiously.

“Thank you Willow. You’re expertise is greatly appreciated. What would I do without you?” I could tell by her eyes that she was delighted to have a task and I set out to make sure all the ThumbMonkey woman knew about the event.

I was in Whitegate when Beldin spun from around a corner to step in my path. “Alison! I’m so glad you came to find me.” He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed tightly. It was a little unnerving. “I heard all about the party and I think it’s an excellent idea. I have my best subligar all ready to go. Just tell me where and when and I’ll put on the best show you ladies have ever seen.” That said he started to put on a little demonstration with some hip circling.

My words came to me after a moment of shock. “You want to be the dancer? That doesn’t seem like what Willowkarr described to me. You’re the groom remember?”

“Don’t let Willowkarr tell you what to do. This is my wedding after all and you’re doing a fantastic job. I even bought a gift for you.” Beldin pulled out a small sack of ginger snaps and opened them to me.

Bushing off the rush from the smell of the cookies I resisted tasting them knowing it would dampen my ability to think clearly and I had a feeling Jenjen needed me to be careful with this situation. “Willowkarr is in charge of that tradition. You need to take it up with her.”

Dang woman. Always sticking together even when I only have your best interests in mind.” Scowling Belding closed the sack of cookies and walked away.

“See you at the wedding!” I shouted with a smile and a wave.

Without even turning around, Beldin raised his hand in a half hearted wave. I was surprised he gave up so easily.

Crackling slightly before turning on, Willowkarr spoke through the friend pearl. “I found him! He’s perfect: Hume, experienced, and very talented. You’re going to love me forever.”

“Anyone I know?”

“No, I don’t think so. He’s a friend of a friend. A summoner named Zerokb. I can hardly wait. This is going to be the best party ever!” Willowkarr shouted and then settled into an endless purr.

“Well I have Kammy in charge of food and drinks and I made a linkpearl just for the event. I think our guest list looks like about 6-8 woman. I will not disclose the location until hours before the event to avoid it leaking out to the male members of the linkshell who seem to be a bit upset about being left out. I don’t know why they can’t just have a party among themselves. But forget them! This should be a night none of us will ever forget!”

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, today we celebrate the birth of the sometimes infuriating but always loved writer of this blog. On this momentous day of days loved ones near and far are thrilled to shower me with the finest of cookies or face my wrath. Let the showering commence.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


“She asked me to chaperone her wedding.” I had to grin to myself as I heard the words roll off my tongue.

“Jen told me. Congratulations, that’s quite an honor.” Kjarbo said.

I sat quietly for a few minutes and listened to the buzz of the summer insects and breathed in the warm smell of the lush grass. I loved sitting here in the sunshine meditating on my life thus far and relaxing from the pressure to succeed that often caused me so much tension while in this adventure’s program.

“There is more to the story.” I said as I pulled my knees up to my chin and stared off into the trees pretending to keep an eye out for Jaggedy Earred Jack.

“I know.” He said. He pulled out a box of sugar cookies from his bag and handed me one with a warm smile.

Wide eyed I sat up looking him in the eyes to search for an explanation. I hardly noticed the sugary treat in my hand. “How could this new comer know about my complicated feelings?” I thought to myself.

“She knows.” He said simply.

“I see. I guess that’s a good thing. I’m not a fan of too many secrets. Makes things too complicated.” I leaned my head on my hand and nibbled the edges of the soft cookie and licked the sugar crystals off my lips. “Thank you.”

“If you need to talk, I don’t mind.” He said sincerely.

Scooting over to hug his arm and lean my head against his shoulder I felt like I was smiling from the instead out. “I’ve noticed and I’m very grateful. I’m glad you decided to stay around for awhile. You’re very soothing to me and it’s a refreshing change of emotion.”

“It’s been my pleasure my lady.” He smiled as he pulled me in for a gentle rocking hug.

“The linkshell wants me to plan a bachelorette party. What am I going to do? I’ve never even been to one.” I looked up into his eyes searching for anything.

“Alison, I’m afraid you have asked the wrong man.” With that he leaned back and indulged in a deep unsympathetic belly laugh.

I was on my own to figure it out but I had to make sure this event was one to be remembered. I wanted to make it clear that I supported this union whole heartedly.