Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Going Out of State

I just wanted to let all four readers know I'll be gone for a few days. Family reunion time. First one in...14 years so it's a good thing. I'll write a few on *gasp* paper while I'm in the middle of nowhere Nevada so I'll have a new post ready for September 20th. Just wanted to save you the trouble of checking a site with no updates. Thanks again for reading and leaving such great comments.

Midnight afterthought: If you read this you'll love some of the stories my linkshell-mates write. They are much more creative. Check the ThumbMonkeys linkshell link. My favorite is Beldin's stuff but the others are great too. Hope you enjoy them.


Thistle said...

Heehee, one of the four. :) Have a good trip! Looking forward to updates once you return.

Bariko said...

Yes! Recognition! I've been acknowledged. Also, have a kick ass time. My family reunion was fun. Hope to see some updates soon. *nod8 Have a blast!


Dantaro said...

Oh come on, who needs family? You should just stay home and write instead >.>

But seriously, emjoy yourself