Saturday, September 09, 2006

Garlaige Citadel

“Where in the world am I?” I shouted up to my party. “I think I fell in a hole…”

“Umm Yeah. You need to avoid those.” Someone said.

Thank you Captain Obvious I grumbled under my breath as I rubbed my sore rear-end. I was already in a cranky mood when I woke up this morning and my bruised hiney was not making me feel better about this day.

My heart sank. It had not occurred to me that an experience party would go to an area that didn’t even have stable floors. Really, this seemed a bit reckless to me. But hey, why should they care? It was me the poor thief with the job of the puller who had to worry about avoiding the things that would kill us all, find the right beast to bring back to the group, avoid the attention of his friends so we didn’t get gang raped, not die before the tank could pull it off me, and now I have to dodge massive holes in the floor and pray to Altana that the floor did not decide to completely give way as I attempted to tip toe across it as quickly as possible.

I ducked into a corner and tried not to call attention to myself. Since I did not yet have a map of this dreadful place our White Mage came down to sneak me back up the stairs to our group. At least Kazham was pretty. It kinda felt like being on vacation. I even got to take lots of naps. I love naps. This place was as a crypt.

“Ok. Let’s try this again without the falling. Anything else I should know?”

“Don’t kill us.” The white mage said.

“I’ll see what I can do.” I said dryly.

“Oh so helpful they are today.” I thought as I walked around the gapping chasm and took aim at the nearest bat. As he came he brought a tide of his friends who where hiding in a room.

I shouted back to the group. “He has friends! Run!”

You would think this would be an easy command. Run for you life. No problem. Very clear. Sadly the Ninja provoked one, the mage tried to heal me, and someone starting beating on it. Next thing I know we’re all dead with a flock of bats fluttering above our heads.

“Oh yeah. You want don’t want the bats in the rooms or any right outside a door. They all link together and it gets ugly fast.” Said the Ninja.

“I’m sorry. I’m new at this. Anything else I should know?” I sighed.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get it.” The White Mage said.

“Yes, you should know that you’re a miserable thief and it’s time for you to find a new job.” The leader said as he kicked me out of the group.

Really I felt like he was putting me out of my misery. It was a bit of a service. I was beginning to think that being a Thief might be more hassle than I wanted. Maybe I’d be a Monk. All they have to do is wait for a beast to be brought to them and then proceed to pound the life out of it. Not a whole lot of brain work involved. Though they do have a tendency to get bulky arms and I’m not sure I like the look of female body builders. I think beauty gets lost in the freakish.

With that lovely image in my head I picked up my friends list pearl and called the only person I could think of that might be able to help.

“Foxx, I need you.”


Almorille said...

"I even got to take lots of naps."
Sure your not a mithra? :)
Very good, keep it up.


Bariko said...

Eep. Sorry I missed an update. Nicely done, as usual. Some day I'll actually offer constructive criticism, heh.

Thistle said...

GC sucks, no matter your level. I hate those holes so much.

Yamari said...

Posted: Sep 9 2006, 09:13 PM

This is my first time posting something so please forgive me if i um screwed up.....uh anyways i REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoy your stories Alison! I read ALL of them, and i want to read MORE, you hear me! MORE!!!!