Thursday, October 26, 2006


“She’s on my tail again.” Gurok grumbled as he turned around picking Kammy up by her mantle and tossing her at Moltov.

Moltov caught the Mithra and she clawed her way up to sit on his shoulders. “He’s so mean.” She whimpered as she pulled Moltov’s mantle up around herself. “Why did we have to bring him?”

Moltov gave Kammy a handful of cookies and the Mithra quieted down for awhile while she glared at Gurok and nibbled the treats.

Willowkarr’s tail swished angrily. She had been fighting with Foxx the entire trip over everything and everyone was tired and cold.

The tarus legs where tried and it was snowing so hard the drifts where difficult for them to climb over so Apocolipse carried Petru and Fox. Gurok had jumpingtaru tucked under one arm like a bed roll. I would have thought that would be a rather embarrassing and uncomfortable way to be carried but Jumpingtaru was sleeping peacefully. I’m sure Garness would have been willing to help out too but his wyvern Rover hissed at anyone who came too close to his napping place around Garness’s neck like a great scaley scarf.

As I looked out over the snow I was struck by its eerie beauty. I had been here before but under much better circumstances. Brodie had taken me here on vacation to ski Beaucedine Glacier and see the lights in Xarcabard. I remember the first time I saw the rainbow of glowing mist rising out of the deep scars in the earth leading up to the castle. It took my breath away. It’s a shame such a beautiful place is over run with some of the most feared beastmen.

“That’s a lot of demons up there.” Ryger said as he came up behind me while wiping Evil Eye blood off of his sword’s blade. “I think we should use sneak and invisible spells and potions up to the door.”

“Or we can kill them all!” Martin yelled as he rushed the nearest demon knight driving his sword deep into its black hide spattering it’s blood all over his white paladin armor.

Gurok dropped Jumpingtaru into the snow and Garness leaped into the air coming down with impressive force onto the demon’s head with his long lance. You would think the weight of a massive Galka thrusting a large weapon into its brain would be enough to kill it instantly but wouldn’t you know it actually took a bit more effort to kill him and all his imposing winged friends. Must be like cockroaches. Do you know how long they can live without their heads? Very icky.

We opted for the kill everything in our path method so when we finally arrived at Castle Zvahl Baileys we needed a rest to say the least. We all huddled just inside the door where we were protected from the cold and wind. For reasons unknown beasts never wander to the castle door. You would think that would be a favorite waiting place, easy pickings and all. Wait, stab unsuspecting adventurers, rest, and repeat. Great plan! Thank goodness they seemed too stupid to think of it or maybe I’m just more diabolical than they are. Interesting thought….

“I’ll stand guard.” Doma announced. “Everyone else should close their eyes and rest awhile until we feel up to full strength for this unknown witch we are about to chase out of her hiding place.

“Sleep? Not a problem at all.” Petru said as tipped his mage hat over his eyes and dozed off almost instantly.

“Rest not sleep. We don’t want to be caught off guard and groggy. This place gives me the creeps.” I said as I wedged myself between Brodie and Ryger to take advantage of the warmth for a few minutes. Pulling out my map I tried to make sense of where to go. I only wish I had some idea what we were up against and what we would do once we found Orabu.


Argentos, the Windurstian Elvaan said...

I believe a certain someone, such as yourself, requested that a certain someone, such as myself, inform you of any developments in The Chronicles of a Corsair. Congratulations, you've sparked an actual blog!

Now you'll have something else to read while eating breakfast.

/grin Alison

Anonymous said...

you're talented

--100 fists..

Anonymous said...

You're blog is ok..but you really need to not but off your stories when it seems like its getting good...

it feels like your in midsentence and suddenly thats it for the post

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

I know! I hate cliff hangers. You get all into it and Wham-O!, nothing. The nerve of some people.

Argentos of Windurst said...

I can't wait to see what happens next. You're leaving me in suspense!

One of these days I'll have to go back and read the entire archive to get caught up on the full story. I've only read through the past three weeks' worth so far.

Bariko said...

*pant, pant*

Okay, I've been here since the beginning, and I still am. University is just beating me mercilessly, making me not comment. Excellent work as always though!