Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Note

I’m retiring from adventuring forever. It’s no longer fun for me. I’m sorry I can no longer lead a linkshell for you all. I hope you understand. Thank you all for being such good friends.
Love, Orabu

We read the note that we had found on his empty mog house floor but it was still hard to believe. As I already told in an earlier chapter we decided to form a new linkshell as soon as possible to keep our little group together. It was a sad time for all of us but full of hope.

I flopped down on my mog house bed and hung my head over the edge letting the blood rush to my face as I reached out to touch the floor. It had been about a week since Orabu had left and no one had heard anything from him. I honestly didn’t think he would actually stay away. It didn’t sit well with me. Something deep within me ached and I was sure I was missing something.

That’s when I saw it. Under my dresser was a rock wrapped in crumpled paper. Reaching out I grabbed it and pulled myself upright again. I unfastened the silk string and tied it around my pony tail as I read:

I’m so sorry to involve you but you’re my only hope now. I made a bad deal with a powerful Dread Demon witch who lives deep within Castle Zvahl Baileys. I’m imprisoned as her slave. I couldn’t tell you before or the contract would have been broken and still she would have owned my life. I am a fool. Please find a way to help.
Love and grapes, Orabu

I felt a chill as I thought of that place. I was still only a level 52 Thief and that place was certain death if I went alone.

Moogle started spinning wildly over my shoulder. He must have read the note with me. “Oh Kupo, that’s bad news Kupo. I have felt that dark magic hanging over our homes all month. You’re very soul is at risk of you go see her. There are legends of a witch who lives deep within that castle and lures in those with burning desires and great ambition. She promises them great things but only after completing impossible tasks Kupo. Then they belong to her. She is very very powerful Kupo. Makes my blood feel painful cold at the thought. Please be careful Kupo and make no deals with her Kupo. That would be very very dangerous Kupo.”

There was no doubt in my mind that I could not leave him there alone. It was time to call in favors. I picked up my communication pearls and started calling franticly for help. This was going to take everyone I knew to save him. I only hoped it was not too late.


Zenomorph said...

Good luck to you Alison. I hope your times in FFXI were fun, it's sad to see someone leave the game. I know your friends will remember you and your LS will keeping going!

Enjoy your travels wherever it takes you,

Zenomorph said...

Oh, sorry to add another comment, but I really enjoyed reading your writings. Roleplaying seems to be a rare thing in FFXI now and it's nice to see others still practicing ^^

Keep up your writings! They are excellent!

Ze again~

The Dread Pirate Beldin said...

Well... two things

A> She isn't quitting, that was just part of the story

B> She get irritated at my roleplaying all the time

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

LOL I'm so glad you're taking such an interest Beldin. You know I love your crazy talk but I do have an image to uphold.

And yeah, sorry that wasnt clear. The notes are both written by Orabu.