Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Rescue Party

“This is it Kupo!” Moogle squealed as he dropped a large dusty book on the table. “This is the map I was looking for Kupo. See, the room is hidden. Only if you touch the wall with a heart aching with a burning desire will the wall give you passage Kupo. I will pack the map for you with your sneak oils. Take great care Kupo.”

I managed to pull together a full alliance to go after Orabu. The first few where from ThumbMonkeys and were easy to convince. Jumpingtaru, Willowkarr, Martin, Petru, Garness, Brodie, Kammy, Apocolipse, Ryger, Siegg, Marrcus, Doma, and Moltov jumped at the chance to support Orabu’s rescue attempt. Some of the others were a little tougher.

“Foxx you said I could call on you when I needed you.” I begged.

“Well that was then, this is now and now I don’t recall why I said that. Tell me why I should go?” he said with a rather evil grin on his face.

I really just think he wanted to see me beg for his help which I was happy to endure for this cause. I knew he was a friend of Orabu’s and he would give in once I satisfied his need to make me grovel. After a large meal at the local pub and plenty of promises I convinced the Taru to join us.

Gurok was the next man I went to. I had met him while in an experience party at The Boyka Tree. He was the best Paladin I had ever had the pleasure of working with in that type of situation. A large Galka with snow white hair he had an amazing talent for knowing just what to say and do to keep a monsters attention on him only. I never had to worry about missing a trick attack with him either. He was as steady as a brick wall and nothing could move him against his will. All a Thief could ever hope for.

“So you say there are dangerous monsters and I get to kill them?” Gurok asked.

“Well if we need to. Really our only goal is to bring Orabu home in one piece. We need your protection and your brute strength if things get ugly. You are the most talented Paladin I have ever had the pleasure of leveling with you know.” I knew he would like that last part.

“For you cutie, I’m happy to help. You’re my favorite Thief you know.” The Galka grinned.

“I hear that is what you tell Camis too.” I glared in mock disapproval.

Next on my list was one I was a little reluctant to call on but I was really needed a full alliance of eighteen to give Orabu the best chance. I found the Elvaan sitting in Whitegate waiting for an experience party.

“Coming back for more?” he said with a sly grin.

I just rolled my eyes and sat down next to Beldin. “I need your help.” I started as I told him my situation.

“Oh yes, you mean the Hume who wants me dead or possibly just tortured in some dungeon to rot forever alone and far away from him?” he replied.

“Umm… yeah, that would be the Hume. I know you two don’t always see eye to eye but think of it as a favor to me because we get along so well and you think I’m swell.” I smiled as sweetly as I could muster.

“Well darling, I can do even better than that. I offer you my services along with my associate Dominuse. I think you’ll find his Galkan skills very useful. I look forward to the chance to rub in it Orabu’s face that he needed me to save him.” Beldin laughed and leaned back looking very satisfied with himself as usual.

Our party gathered in my home town of San D’Oria and traveled by way of Ranguemont Pass to Beaucedine Glacier. From there it was an agonizing trek to Xarcabard. More so because of our freezing feet and worried minds than the constant beast attacks we had to contend with. We just wanted to get to Orabu and fast. No one knew what we would find there and if there was even a chance for him against this witch of legendary power Most of our alliance had hearts heavy with worry.

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Gurok the Paladin said...

I would NEVER say that.. to Camis...lol (ever)