Friday, October 06, 2006


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I heard Beldin shouting for assistance from across the Al Zahbi quarter of the city. I grinned to myself as I thought of the adventure I had around him without him ever even meeting me. It seemed like a good time to introduce myself though it might be wise to leave out the, “Oh by the way, I once was hired to kill you,” part.

“Thief at your service.” I said as I drew out my daggers and prepared to battle the swarm of undead that were about to attack the city.

“Well, a female Elvaan Thief in full artifact armor. That’s something I don’t see every day.” He said as he grinned and looked me over.

I wondered if he recognized me. Really the curiosity is what drove me to place myself in the situation where I could be caught by a man who clearly had no problem killing when he wanted to.

Ok, to be completely honest I’m a woman after all and what woman isn’t drawn to the bad boy? It’s in our wiring. Most of us have the good sense to ignore it but I guess I was not one of them that day. This is a pirate with slate black hair and a rough beard. Come on! A pirate! Not a stinky diseased ship hand with missing teeth, this was a well dressed sweet smelling captain. He was one sexy hunk of man steak. How was I supposed to stay away from that?

I think I must have been staring and lost in my thoughts when I was jolted back to readiness. Beldin yelled for us to stand together and attack.

I loved these raids. They make my blood rush with the thrill of being surrounded by beastmen who could kill me in four swings if given the chance. We swarmed on the creatures like ants only bringing them down by the shear numbers of us. These beasts were powerful and I craved the feeling I got from bringing them down.

I drew my bow, aimed at the nearest Qutrub, and let the arrow fly. As I refocused off my hard sight used to aim I noticed Beldin just standing and staring at me with a somewhat shocked expression on his face. I guessed he had just figured out that he had in fact seen me before and we did not seem to be on the same team when he first caught sight of me.

He didn’t have much time to worry about it. A lamia sliced her dagger across his back and he turned to fight her. I thought it might be a good time to disappear but I didn’t. I stayed near him and fought until the undead swarm retreated out of the city walls. My blood felt electrified by the thrill of the besieged victory

“Your stance, you bow, and that ring. I think I’ve seen you before.” He said questioning.

“Well I am around a lot. Full time job and all. I’m sure we must have crossed paths before.” I knew where he was going but I wasn’t going to give him answers that easily.

“I want to show you something.” He said as he gestured for me to follow him and he led me to a walkway overlooking the boats coming and going from the dock in Whitegate.

“This is my favorite place. It’s quiet here and the sea is like home to me.” He said as he leaned against the stone wall gazing out across the water. The place smelled of stone and salt and the sound of the water breaking against the deep water port was almost hypnotic. I walked up beside him and took in the view. This little nook was a stark contrast from the noisy bustle of most of the city. It’s as if this walkway was made just for this purpose. It was a good place.

“I think we’ve met before and it wasn’t just a casual crossing.” He said as he took my hand.

I looked up at him with a bewildered expression. I felt like a stupid school girl and blushed despite my desire not to.

“This ring. I remember it. It’s the only one like it I’ve ever seen.” He said with a boyish grin of a child who has discovered a naughty secret capable of getting his least favorite sister in trouble.

I took my hand back and rubbed the ring. It was a gift from Brodie. He made it with his own hands. Rough molded bronze with his name inscribed on the inside of the band, it was my most treasured possession. He was away more and more these days and the ring was a great comfort to me in his absence.

The gig was up. I had to tell him everything. He listened patently without drawing any weapons or accusing me of unforgivable deeds. He was actually smiling at me. One hour turned into two and two into three. We laughed and smiled as time seemed to disappear. I found him to be very enjoyable company. Surprisingly enough we thought a lot alike on many subjects and found we enjoyed many of the same things. Who knew I would have so much in common with such and uncommon person?

The sun began to set casting a rosy glow over the stones. In a moment of silence he grabbed me rather roughly and bent me back at the waist kissing me. I pulled away in surprise and slapped him sharply across the face.

“I didn’t deserve that!” he said in a hurt tone. “It seemed the perfect moment!”

“I think you did. You know I’ve already given my heart to another man. How dare you attack me like that?” I yelled back at him.

“The Hume? Really, you’re an Elvaan. It’s not exactly a perfect match. They are a little short aren’t they? And if your heart is so encaged then why spend so much time with me here? Why not leave and be with him?”

He had me there but I was offended by his outburst. I loved my kind hearted honest Paladin but sometimes I did get frustrated waiting for him to propose marriage to me. In a moment of weakness I had wanted the pirate to kiss me and almost intuitively he had. I was just as guilty, even more so because I didn’t leave. I sat with him until the sun set even letting him put his arms around me as I lost myself in thought.

“Welcome home Kupo!” Moggle said cheerfully as always. “Is something wrong?”

“No Kupo, just a lot on my mind. I think I’ll just go straight to bed tonight.” I replied.

“No hot chocolate, Kupo?!” he said with a shocked tone as he spun around like top in mid air.

“No hot chocolate.” I said as I crawled into bed.

Moggle pulled my blanket up to my chin and handed me my gobbie doll. “Oh this can not be a good sign Kupo.” He said as he turned out the light. I had to agree.


The Dread Pirate Beldin said...

Just in case anyone is wondering....
1. I am a real person
2. It's my fault Ally is writing stories
3. Yes... Ally does smell like a chocobo

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Beldin, you're a bad man.

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Thank you ^^

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Hehe this fanfic gets better and better XD

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