Thursday, October 12, 2006

Orabu, Before the ThumbMonkeys

“Orabu, where have you been all night alone? You look like you’ve been chewed by a dragon and spit out in the dirt to die.” I said with concern apparent in my voice.

“I’ve been out and I need a bath now. We can talk later.” Is all he said as he stumbled into his mog house and closed the door.

Little did I know what he had done made a night as a dragon chew toy sound cozy.

“Willowkarr, were you with Obaru last night?” I asked over my pearl.

“Nope, Siekarr and I were in Jeuno.” She said. “Is something wrong?”

“Orabu seems to have had an unusually bad night. I was just hoping you might know what’s wrong. He didn’t want to talk to me.”

“We’ll keep and eye one him too. I’m sure if it’s anything he’ll tell us.” She said without concern.

It was true. Orabu wouldn’t keep secrets from us. We had grown into quite the trio over the last few months. It seemed like we did everything together because it was simply more fun that way.

When Orabu immerged again his right hand was wrapped in a bandage that I wouldn’t have even seen if I wasn’t looking for something suspicious. His gloves were pulled over the bandage so it only showed if you looked around them at the wrist.

Something was definitely wrong and I was going to figure it out. I followed him for three weeks with no clues. I would have let it go but he continued to act strangely. He became obsessed with everyone’s location. If we were not on the linkshell he wanted to know why and where everyone else was. It seemed to consume him. He became irritable and wasn’t eating or sleeping well.

“Alison, I have and idea. We need to have a Starlight Celebration party for the linkshell.” He said.

I laughed. “I love the idea. That will be fun. I’m afraid a lot of our members will be away visiting their home towns but those of us left would love a get together.”

A look of crazed rage welled up in his eyes. “If anyone actually cared about this linkshell they would be here! Why isn’t anyone supporting us? I do all this for them! I thought they were my friends.”

He looked exhausted. I put my arms around him and hugged my dear friend. “Everyone loves you Orabu and we’re glad you’re willing to lead the Envy linkshell for us. It’s just that time of year and everyone is busy with holiday stuff. Once the holidays are past everyone will return.”

“That isn’t good enough” he muttered as he pushed me away and turned to leave.

“What’s wrong Orabu? You’re hiding something from us. I know it’s been a hard month for you but there is something more that you are not telling us. It’s not like you to be so unhappy and reclusive.”

He looked up at me with tired hopeless eyes and said, “This is my burden. If you want to help me make sure everyone is here for the linkshell Starlight Celebration party. It’s the last hope for us. If that fails we fail.”

“A little over dramatic don’t you think? I promise, everyone will come back after the holidays.” I said.

He turned and locked eyes with me. “It will be too late. I can not wait that long and I can’t tell you any more than that. Everything depends on that party.”

“I’ll do everything I can.” I said suddenly feeling his urgency.

“I know you will. Thank you for that. I need some time alone to think.” He said as he picked up his sword and left the lounge alone.

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