Monday, September 24, 2007


This was chapter co-written with The Dread Pirate Beldin. I hope you enjoy his special touches. :D

The team stood at the top of the tunnel as Kallo came fleeing towards them dragging Alison behind him by her hand. “Everyone,” Kallo shouted, “Get ready! They’re coming this way!”

Garness with his axe, Gurok sword and shield and hand, and Beldin now duel-wielding hexaguns stood grinning. Even Kammy who was apprehensive before was hungry for some action. Jumpingtaru on the other hand stood toward the back jumping up and down excitedly from a safer distance.


Gurok chuckled, “I like your style pirate. Maybe after all this is over we ca-“ He fell backwards as a bolt took him in the shoulder from somewhere down the tunnel.

“Gurok!” Alison screamed, dropping to the galka’s side as the others rushed forward. “Take him to the back so I don’t trip on him,” Garness ordered eyeing the raging mob approaching.

“I’ll fix it!” Kammy chirped in and hurried to bless Gurok with her healing magic.

Alison stood as a tear ran down her cheek. Her knives slid from her belt with a steely hiss and a vengeful fire burned within her. “I want him dead,” she growled, “I want Pete the Meat to suffer for what he did. His blood is mine.”

“You can have your theatrics later,” Beldin snapped, letting off a few rounds, “We’ve got a fight to survive at the moment”

The mob rushed forward soon over taking the party. Garness stood laughing as he fended off three humes with his gigantic axe taking each one down as if he were swatting flies. Foxx, despite his size, was going toe-to-toe with a Galka easily side-stepping his blows and chopping at his legs with his knives. Beldin stood more like a paladin than a corsair making quick thrusts with his rapier and slicing at those who came for him.

Pete the Meat charged through like an angry bull and straight towards Alison swinging a giant scythe over his head. Standing her ground with her teeth clinched angrily she met the murderer of her husband head on. With evasion only a thief could have, she moved gracefully to avoid his savage blows not allowing him any satisfaction.

Frothing at the mouth in rage Pete continued to swing wildly, forcing Alison to retreat backwards to avoid the massive weapon. Catching her heel on a stone jutting up from the rocking floor she fell back unable to catch herself until her hands hit the floor.

Pete, an evil and insane glint in his eyes, grinned as he prepared to deliver a deadly blow. “Peace of cake.” He sneered. “Weak, just like your dead lover.”

Rolling forward she evaded his strike as his scythe sent chunks of rock flying from the force of the impact. Pete the Meat roared as only a galka can as the cold steal of her dagger bit into his belly and split his blood. She pushed up hard to slice through him. “Doesn’t feel good does it?” She hissed angrily.

Picking her up by her vest he lifted her into the air. His dark magic was draining the strength from her body in a visible channel of death. “I’ll break you with my bare hands if I have to.” He spat. “You’re nothing but an annoying little rodent in need of extermination.”

Gurok charged at Pete the Meat driving his sword into his bicep causing him to drop Alison at his feet as he howled in pain. “I don’t think so. She won’t be harmed as long as I still live.”

Beldin caught the scene out of the corner of his eye and joined in. “You stupid son of a mangy hound,” he swore through his teeth. You say you’re looking for the killer of your brother, well he’s right here!”

Beldin blocked a swing of the dark knight’s scythe with his rapier and flung it aside knocking Pete the Meat off balance. Then, with Pete’s guard wide open, Alison stood and shoved her knife to the hilt into the scar on Pete’s throat and gave a forceful twist.

Clutching his throat in an all too familiar scene he tried to staunch the flow, but it was futile.

“I loved him.” Alison cried out painfully as she watched Pete the Meat gasp for his last breaths. Overwhelmed with emotions she fell to her knees as the fight continued around her. Resting a hand on her shoulder Kjarbo watched protectively in case someone were to break through the circle her friends formed around her.

“Not a good time for resting sweetheart.” Gurok muttered over his shoulder as he used his foot to thrust an evlaan’s limp body off of his long blade.

Kammy took the chance to jump wildly on the fallen evlaan. “I got this one! He’s dead!” she shouted triumphantly. “Oh, and I’ve drained all my magic to keep you strong. I have next to nothing left. You should hurry up and be done soon.”

“Taru down!” Martin called as he tossed Jumpingtaru into Kammy’s arms.

“Oh yuckie!” Dropping him promptly onto the hard floor she looked appalled as she tugged at her tunic to examine the blood that was sure to leave a stain. “I already said I can’t fix him now. Let me rest a few minutes.”

“I could use a little help with these two.” Foxx announced. Tastywaffles sent a pugil to bite down hard on a taru bandit and shook the poor red mage right off his feet.

The battle continued on in a whirl-wind around her but she didn’t really notice. Sitting in a stupor she felt nothing but her chest rising and falling with each breath. It’s hard to say how long it took before she heard Kallo’s voice.

“Anyone hurt?” Kallo asked, surveying the field.

“They are,” Martin snickered.

Tastywaffles’ pugil pet snaked through the area ensuring that no one from the heartless gang would rise to strike again that day.

“No time to talk you fools,” Foxx snapped looking down the tunnel, “Here comes the rest of them!”

The entire team turned and stood in awe at the fifty or more bandits that flooded the tunnel.

“Oh I think it’s time to go now!” Jenjen said as she shifted nervously.

“Agreed.” Kjarbo said as he grabbed his sister’s hand and pulled Alison to her feet.

The entire team turned and fled back. Garness lifted tiny Jumpingtaru onto his shoulder away from the onslaught. They raced up the tunnels but Beldin stopped by the Golden Door as the other ran past him.

“Beldin!” Garness shouted. “Bad time for sight seeing.”

“Alison, I’ll fend them off and give the rest of you time to escape.” Beldin turned to Jenjen with a smile and a wink, “Jenn, I love you.” Kissing her quickly he pushed her into Kjarbo’s arms.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING BELDIN!” Foxx shouted as he paused to turn and yell.

Beldin drew his rapier and grinned widely as he crouched slightly to wait. Turning towards Garness he spoke, “I want you to get them out of here as fast as you can, and please, watch over Jenn for me.”

Garness opened his mouth to say something but changed his mind and clamped it shut with a nod. Turning he pushed at the rest of the team to keep running.

Looking back over her shoulder as Beldin shut the Golden Door, “Garness…” Alison muttered questioningly.

“Run now, talk later.” he barked as he leapt over a bounder rather nimbly for a galka.

The party of friends had not gotten much further before the entire tunnel shook as a massive explosion rocked the mountain and the team was thrown to the floor. Everyone stared back down the tunnel they had just run through…

“What in Exarcabard was that-taru?” Jumpingtaru demanded, rubbing his head where a rock had assaulted him.

“Beldin…” Garness panted, “The fool…. He….”

“He blew up the tunnel,” Martin finished for him. “He blew up the tunnel and
all those who were chasing us.”

“We’ve gotta help him,” Jenjen screeched, tears flowing down her face as
Kjarbo took her in his arms to hold her back from running to the unstable rubble.

“There’s no use.” Kjarbo said quietly. “Nothing could have survived that.”

A stunned silence hung over them all as they realized the sacrifice that had just been made.

Kallo cleared his throat, “We’re not outta the woods yet folks. There could be more of them. I think we are done here.”


Kallo Landis said...

Mm, took awhile to get to this point -- but it was well worth the wait.

...looks like your down one rapscallion...>.> where oh where to get another?

gurok the paladin said...

not too bad there sweetheart... I almost miss Beldin at this point, blowing himself up to save people.. he should have been a paladin ~.o Something tells me, as pirates go, he wasnt dumb enough to be there when it went off.

Beldin said...

hehehe, seeing as no one from the LS reads here anyways, its safe to tell ya.

no, I'm not dead, I helped Alison write this one to use as a jump off point into my next story. my new story will elapse from now to when I meet up with the TM crew again

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Beldin! Stop giving away secrets! I'll kill you again.

beldin said...

no one from the LS reads here. it's perfectly safe...

It's not like either of these two will read mine anyways

Guankim said...

Shuuuuuuuuuuure, no one from the LS reads here *coughs*...though yes, that was kinda a secret like a diesel truck going undercover shipping bass drums...or something! :P

beldin said...

Guan, as usual, you don't count.

Peligro said...

:( i hate reading so fast it never lasts long enough.

and beldin if i knew where to read yours at i would

beldin said...

Peligro, if you look under Alison's links, you'll see one titled "The Legend of Beldin" under this title on the site, you'll find my 1st story "The Legend of Beldin" and my second story "Duty, Honor, and Death"

Beldin said...

Just cause I noticed how jumbled up it is, "the Legend of Beldin" consists of the Prolouge-Part 2 to 6- and the Finale

"Duty, honor, and death" is all under one topic

Peligro said...

KK ty beldin

Aylah said...

Hiya Alison, Aylah from LBR forums here, just wanted to say hiya and that I think your story is awesome, I zipped through 'em all in one night when I had insomnia, I was trying to find something dull to read so I could finally fall asleep, and I found this instead, dammit! >_>

I just wanted to let you know you've got a regular reader now, and I'll try to comment on each post now but it's kinda overwhelming to go back and comment each post.
Suffice it to say that few stories are compellingly written enough that I will cry when someone dies, and I cried when Beldin got taken out. so.. Bravo! /clap!


gurok the paladin said...

I cried to.. because I didn't get to see it lol j/k

beldin said...

*hugs aylah*

Don't worry... I'm only dead for now

Aylah said...

Heh, thanks Beldin, you BETTER be! you two make too sweet of a couple for you to be deaded forevers! >_>

Beldin said...

thing is, I will NOT be appearing in Ally's story for awhile...

I'm going to be in my NEW story that covers from my death to when I see Alison and the rest again..

2 more days before it goes live

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Welcome to the group Aylah. I'm sorry I couldnt help you sleep but I'm really glad you enjoy my stories and I love having new people who will comment. \o/ Thanks for giving me a try.

Beldin I'm still mad you gave away the not dead secret! I'm so not telling you any more plot lines. Maybe I'll just leave you dead. How do you like that?

Beldin said...

for the last time...


Zero teh mithra stealer! said...
Ya really need to get the other shell members to read these comments...they're a lot more funny a lot of the times, but then again, I enjoy watching Beldin get yelled at. Huzzah! More yelling! More exploding! And...stuff.

Beldin said...

The first chapter of "The Price Reborn" is now up

you can find it here

Guankim said...

/casts Sleep II on beldin so he won't read this too quickly...

"The price reborn?

Is that a sequel to "The Price is Right," and if so, does it involve Bob Barker doing naughty things to pirates? Shame on you, Beldin."

/dashes away before he wakes up ;)

beldin said...

Cut me some lsack, I've been dead sick and half asleep for days...

"The Prince Reborn"

Happy now?

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

/giggles at the price is right

Peligro said...

bah >< i read all of beldin's story already as well btw any more on the side story with david anywhere?

Beldin/david said...

Nope, I killed off those stories.

Trying to get them deleted atm.

David is my real name btw

Peligro said...

:( It had a nice beginning and also whats with the huge gap in the beldin story line is that intentional or did some stories get deleted?

Beldin said...

That was intentional honestly...

I thought of writing a filler, but it never appealed to me

Peligro said...

I'm so sad I have devoured most everything I can find to read lol. It's what happens when you get laid-off from work and can't pay your ffxi bill anymore. Also can't afford to buy anymore books from the book store. I read a novel a week, if not 2.

beldin said...

Well, Ally's new chapter will probably be up today or tomorrow and my new chapter will be up either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Hang in there

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Wow that's a lot of reading. Reading puts me right to sleep so I don't read anything very long. Love blogs like this for that reason. lol

Well there are lots of stories like this around if you need a good read. Kallo does one, I love the old Windhurst Irregular Press (My personal favorite), and there are many more short stories that my linshell mates have written. Check the links to the right of my page. Also you might browse:

Good luck finding things to hold you over until you can get your hands on some full sized books but don't leave me! I love people who will read and help me improve. Thank you. ^.^