Friday, September 14, 2007

Nothing Like Cookies

“So what did you do?” I asked

Looking a little annoyed he tried to shush me with an angry glance.

“That bad?” I continued.

“Nooooo, we’re trying to be sneaky and you’re running your mouth like a woman.” He replied.

“I know what I can get away with and she’s too far ahead to notice us. She’s a hume and too busy talking to herself to hear us.”

“Nosey.” He mumbled under his breath as he watched the woman sit down and open her bag. She pulled out what I hoped was some kind of jerky though from the distance it was hard to know any more than it looked icky. Nothing like cookies. “Of course she has to stop and eat.” Kallo said looking exasperated.

“In a rush?” I asked.

“Well yes. I’m hungry and I don’t want to be here all day. I have stuff to do too.” He grumbled like a pouting child.

“Get a little cranky when you’re hungry don’t you.” I smiled and handed him sushi and biscuits. He was kind of likable in a childish sort of way. Without even looking away from the monk he popped them in his mouth eagerly.

“Sorry.” He said flatly.

“It’s ok.. I shouldn’t be so nosey. I like my secrets too.”

The monk stood up and started walking again. She was still talking though this time I think it was to a linkshell. “It was twelve against two! I can’t be blamed for not being able to handle more than five by myself. Maybe if I had better equipment. I need a bigger cut. I don’t get enough for all I do.” She grumbled at them. Pausing at a wall she pushed hard against the stone revealing a small entrance.

“Bingo” I said.

Kallo gave me a curious look. “A what?”

“Never mind. I guess it’s time to pull them all out.” Grabbing my arm and pulling me against him, Kallo smiled a devilish grin as he pushed my hair away from my face.

“Let me go make sure Pete the Meat is actually in there before you bring the entire group down on us. We don’t even know how many there are.”

Pulling free from him I nodded and turned away from him to watch the door.

“I’ll be right back Doll.” He said as he tugged my pony tail and walked into the room like he had been there before.

It did occur to me that maybe this was a trap and I should run now before he tried to turn me over to the gang. He seemed just a little too confident. Shifting nervously as I thought over all the horrible things that could go wrong. I settled on my trust in Washu and held my ground but kept my body angled towards my friends so I could take off quickly if needed.

It seemed like forever I waited there. I couldn’t hear or see anything that gave me any clues to what I was missing. He could have been killed as soon as he stepped inside for all I knew. He did seem like a bit of a fool.

“Run run run!” he shouted as he hopped out of the hole like a rabbit with his tail on fire. Behind him two galka were lodged in the door as they tried to come out at the same time. I stood stunned for a moment as I realized it was Pete the Meat snarling like a wild dog. In my mind I could see Brodie’s eyes as he looked at me shocked and panicked and the feelings from that day washed painfully over me.

Grabbing my arm hard for the second time that day he nearly pulled me off my feet. “Do you not know what run means? Now would be a good time.” Kallo yelled.

“He’s here.” I said a little shocked though I don’t know why. It was what I think I was hoping for.

“Yes, that has been confirmed. Now is not the time to chat it over.”

Snapping out of it I dug my toes into the loose gravel and ran hard for my friends. This was the time for it all to be finished I hoped.

*Image by the amazing Krilldog*


Kallo Landis said...

D= why u gotta be so cliffyhanger like!!! I wanna see more fighting ; ; /pout.

But the Kallo and Ally stuffs is good ~.^

Beldin said...

*takes out dual hexaguns*

Yes Ally... Run


gurok the paladin said...

*readies his shield and draws his sword* This... is going to be most fun. Hellfire, now that just gives me a warm glow inside, you're alright Beldin.

Anonymous said...

I play FFXI on the Phoenix Server and I found this site through the forums. This post and the others I have read so far have been awesome! My main is 75 THF hehe so I was immediately drawn to your post on the wiki when I saw it. Great stories! Keep 'em coming ^_^

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Yay! A new fan. Welcome Phoenix server thief with no name. ^.^
I'm actually trying to write a new chapter this afternoon. I'm a little afraid of my own twist. hee hee... should be out tomorrow I think.
I'm so thrilled you like them. Thank you. It makes my day.