Saturday, December 23, 2006

Valkurm Emperor

I took a momentary break in concentration to dump the sand out of my boots. I had just finished making the rounds and killing all the flies in the area without spotting the Valkurm Emperor that was known to carry the hairpin I wanted.

I often came here when I wanted to be alone and unbothered by those who’s good intentions made me want to hide under a rock. This hairpin is the treasure of treasures. Almost anyone can find value in it. Not only is it extremely useful but it’s also very beautiful and I do love beautiful. It’s an iridescent pin in the shape of a damsel fly wing with silver veins and trim. It glistens as if it knows it’s a treasure of treasures not to go unnoticed.

Knowing it took about five minutes for new flies to show up I took a good look at my competition. Two others were there after my hairpin at the moment. Both of them were Hume males. Eyes darting back and forth they watched me nervously as they tried to sum up the competitors themselves.

I loved this. Just being a Thief seemed to make them nervous. I had a good idea where I thought the fly would show up and about the timing. In the rest period between spawns I would occasionally dart off in one direction with a determined look on my face just to see if they would try to beat me to the prize they were sure I was after. New treasure hunters came and went on a regular basis so new victims were always available. It never got old.

Then the moment came. I didn’t need my wide scan to spot the fly not far off. Using flee I darted off. I did not have a good long distance claim method so I relied on my speed to get me close enough to the fly to use my steal ability to win it’s hate first. If I wasn’t fast he’d be gone and it would be a long time before I would get another chance.

Luck was with me. The eyes of the Valkrum Emperor glowed red at me and it swooped down to try to tear a piece out of my shoulder. Ducking the attack and coming up under its soft armored belly I stabbed the angry beast with my dagger. My heart leapt and my blood rushed. The thrill of claiming a long awaited notorious monster was an electrifying rush to me. Swing after swing we battled it out in a dance of death. Both of us knew I would win. I was far too strong for him and he must have known it but for whatever reason he would not run. I respected that.

As he fell I couldn’t help but hold my breath as I searched for the treasure I hoped for. I checked and double checked but this fly did not have the hairpin I wanted. My heart sank but it was not too surprising. I had already killed four others and found nothing. It was a long shot but one worth trying for a dozen times if needed to get that gorgeous pin.

I shook my head no at the crowd that had gathered around to see if the hairpin would be won. Some of them gave me sympathetic looks and wished me better luck next time while others looked angry like somehow if they had killed it the pin would have magically appeared for them and I had ruined it. I had to laugh at the angry ones. I knew the disappointment of missing a claim I hoped to kill but anger was a wasted emotion in this kind of situation.

I was feeling very at peace was I walked down to the beach to rest my feet in the lapping water around the trees. Some alone time was doing wonders for my spirit. I had time to reflect on what a good life I enjoyed and how blessed I was to have so many good friends who cared about me. Even if Brodie was in love with another woman I loved him enough to be happy that he was happy and leave it at that. I knew I would find my perfect match in good time.

For now I was happy sitting on the smooth water worn roots of the trees and watching the brightly colored fish dart around my bare legs as the sun that trickled through the trees kissed my warm skin. “Everything is ok.” I said aloud to myself and I closed my eyes and leaned back to listen to the hypnotic sound of the crashing waves. Now was a time to live for me.

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