Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In the beginning there was light

A brief break from the tales of Alison the Amazing Thief to bring you the origin of my dear friend Garness as he tells it. You can find more Garness the Galka tales on the Thumbmonkeys website. I adore these. I hope you get a kick out of them too.


Harken and do mark my words
For the tale of Garness does begin at the beginning
And such are these words that
They should be put to song

Twas early on lights day
And a young Mithra who was called Muelix
Did wander out into the wilds
Of West Sarutabaruta to play

And did happen upon her
Three of the foul goblin race
And the young mithra did fear for her life
For the goblins were in ill temper

Muelix did make to run for the gate
But was bound as a cruel jest
And blades were unsheathed
To taunt and reveal her shame

Muelix did cry in terror
And her tears did fall down upon the earth
And her wails reached into the trees
but did not fall upon only the wind and sky

From where he did come from is still unknown
But a young galkan did fall from the sky
And in his first act he did drive his feet into the head of a goblin
Crushing it into pulp

The remaining two goblins did stare stupified at there comrade
And the anger rose within them
And the larger of the two gave a great warcry
And shook his hands into the sky

Then did the Goblin fall to his knees
With a squeal of pain as the young Galkan did strike a critical blow
In the Gobbie's bag of family jewels
And they were shattered

The final Goblin did strike the young Galkan
And he was knocked back by the blow
And fell from his feet onto the ground
Near a carrion crow finishing his early morning meal

In a last act of definance, the Galkan did grab the crow
Putting it to the face of the oncoming Goblin
Such was the rage of the crow
That it did scratch out the eyes of the Goblin

But the crippled Goblin was not done,
And did strike a cowardly blow from behind
Cutting a deep gash down the galkan's back and tail
Such was the rage of the galkan child
That he did renew his attack,
Breaking the necks of both goblins
Leaving them to die on the rodside
So other may see their fate

The young Mithra, at this point had regained her wits
And was unsure of the galkan, never having seen a Galkan before
And she did try to cover herself up
With her tattered clothes

The Galkan did pull a cloak from the Goblins bag
Giving it to her, so she would not be embarrassed
And the child Mithra did say
as only a young child could say

Gosh your a mess, which came out as
AND LO there was chime in the air as our hero was named

Garness did escort the young Mithra back into Windurst
And was met with some specualtion
But the Mithra did love him for saving one of their own
For such valor was not a common thing in these dark days
And as such the Mithra did accept him among them

Such is the tale of Garness
Who did save Vanadiel
But that is another story...


Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Thank you Boswen for pointing out that I lost my archive as I was fiddling with my page layout. It pushed me to finnially upgrade to the new stuff and I love all the new features. The "subscribe to post" feature should be great since I only post ever 3-7 days. Now the regular readers dont have to keep checking for updates. Again thanks Boswen. I don't know how long it would have taken for me to notice.

Guan said...

Gah, lost archives? Looks like I need to save and mass-repost then when I upgrade! :P

Boswen said...

Anytime, Alison! Glad I could help! That subscribe option looks handy. I have it on my new blog too, but I can't figure out how it works. I thought it was supposed to be something that would email me when you make a new post, but I don't think that's how it works.

Guan, Alison didn't actually "loose" her old posts. I was still able to open them from my old bookmarks and from manually typing in "/2006_11_01_archive.html" (etc..) at the end of her blog address. She just accidentally disabled/deleted the "Blog Archive" page element from the "Edit Layout" page of her blog...

By the way: I just finished reading all your posts (before Christmas!) as promised! :)

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

LOL Glad you could catch up with me Boswen and that you enjoyed it. I read your blog entry. Looks like good stuff to me. I think I should start adding readers links so we can all read eachothers stuff easier.

I'll try to get back to posting more regularly soon. The Christmas crazy fun rush time is almost over and things should go back to normal. I want to finish writing an entry today for posting tomorrow. I always like to let it cure a day because without fail I will want to make changes after sleeping on it.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

By the way, Garness is the besty-westiest Galka-walka in the whole world. <3 Love ya big guy. Don't ever change or leave on me.