Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mending Wounds

All I found behind the Marble Bridge Eatery was a blood stain to let me know he was there. I was panic stricken. I tried to follow the trail of blood but it was cleaned off the street starting at the front of the building. I guess they wanted to keep up appearances but not so badly as too clean the entire mess.

Racing to the front door I was greeted by the doorman. “The Marble Bridge Eatery Welcomes all Taru today.” I didn’t even pause to look at him as I pushed threw the doorway. The doorman reached out and caught me with one great arm. “I’m sure you must hear this a lot, but you are a little tall for a Taru. I’m afraid you’ll have to come back later. I’d be happy to give you a schedule.” He said looking rather annoyed.

“I need to find out if anyone has seen an injured Hume here yesterday and knows where he is now. My height with brown hair and a full beard. A Paladin.” I pleaded.

“Well you don’t need to go in there. I was told you would come. An Elvaan with an ornate gil bag paid a hansom tip to make sure you got his. I do love a good tipper.” He bowed as he handed me a dirty envelope from out of his coat pocket.

I wandered away from the doorman as I unfolded the enclosed note.

Brodie is fine. Got you going didn’t I? I wanted to remind you that you’re not ready to give him up. Some things are worth fighting for.

I could have killed him. He had a rather odd way of giving me unwanted advice. I wondered who’s blood I had seen, but I was just relieved it wasn’t Brodie’s.

I didn’t know what to do. I slid my back down the wall and sat on the cold stone walkway. He was happy. I didn’t want to mess that up. I was Elvaan after all and she was Hume. It was silly of me to think he’d stay by my side when she had so much more to offer him.

Rebornsoul was no stranger. The lilac flower pin I always wore in my hair was made for me by her. She was a friend to both Brodie and me and I knew her to be a good person. I couldn’t be angry at her for seeing a good thing and taking a shot at it. It was Brodie who couldn’t see that I thought of him as more than a best friend.

I reached in my pocket and rubbed my fingers across the engraving on my ring. It was pathetic I realize to hold on to it but I didn’t have anyone I cared to impress so I didn’t care to hide it. Maybe Beldin was right but I didn’t want to be with someone who thought I was anything less than the only person for him. Chalk it up to Elvaan pride but I wouldn’t beg or swindle for any man.


Argentos of Windurst said...

There goes that Elvaan pride again. Didn't I just write something about that last week? =p

I'm just glad that Brodie's not leaving the storyline after all, at least not entirely. That really WOULD have been sad. I'm curious to see where this goes from here.

Guankim said...

I was thinking the same thing, Argentos. Geez, let go of the pride. Hang out with the RDM more, I'm sure he can help break you out of it. Don't make me guest write myself into your blog! ^_~ Hehe.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

LOL That would be fun Guankim. You get right on that. I'll wait patiently.

Gurok said...

You should never settle... I agree.

Anonymous said...

So Brodie is still the one.