Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Moogle brought me a cup of my favorite mint hot chocolate with a dollop of decadent whipped cream. “I was reading up on your little surprise while you were away on your completely inappropriately dangerous adventure Kupo.”

I wiggled my toes nervously as I sipped my drink on top of my bed. I knew he was right about the dangerous part. I shouldn’t have gone when my baby could have been hurt. I felt horrible and it didn’t make me feel very hopeful about my potential as a mother. I had not really fully absorbed that she was real then but with a name I was beginning to really feel her with me. I just nodded shamefully and he stopped spinning and continued.

“Children born to hume and elvaan parents are not impossible but are extremely rare and often look so much like one or the other race that they go unnoticed which is a very good thing for them.”

“School yard bullies?” I asked.

Moogle chuckled and rubbed his head as if remembering some distant memory. “No.” Fluttering away to the table he picked up a book twice his size and bobbed back to drop it in my lap. “A prophecy very unpopular with the leaders of both San d’Oria and Bastok. They try to keep it very hush hush but my moogle libraries are full of theories on its vague details. The popular opinion in moogle circles is that it’s the vagueness of the prophecy that drives the leaders of these prideful nations to be so defensive.”

I shifted uncomfortably and pulled a blanket protectively over my belly. “Please hurry to the part about my baby.” I begged nervously.

“Well, read here.” Moogle pulled the great book to the page he wanted and pointed to a section highlighted with gold foil lettering.

A child shall be born of the blood of the kingdom of San d’ Oria and the republic of Bastok to unite the great races and bind them together in love for one another and the people will rejoice and praise the name of the child for she will bring down the haughtiness of the great evils and lift the extraordinary showing forth the true strength of the people in unity.

I read it a couple of times before looking up to Moogle. “This is my child?”

Moogle spun as he bobbed. “Oh, I don’t know. As I said yours is not the first child to be born of hume and elvaan blood. Although it’s very rare it’s happened before. A secret your country would like to keep from its people.”


“Ah well, the interpretation by their great scholars and wise men is that this child will crush both governments and make one all encompassing or that one government will overtake the other. Neither is a popular idea with either. Another possibility being that citizens of mixed blood will become common place and the line between hume and evlaan will become unclear forcing a merging of countries. This is simply unacceptable to the pride of either race.”

I rubbed the outside of my mug in my hands as I looked down at the book and let the words sink in. “And I thought I was worried about how to tell the ThumbMonkeys before…”

“Oh Kupo,” he spun wildly, “it’s not my place to tell you what to do but it might not be wise to tell anyone about this Kupo.”

“How can I not tell them?”

“If either government finds out who’s child you are carrying there could be grave consequences as both races have vowed to prevent a child from harming their beloved way of life Kupo.” Kupo laughed musically. “In this one way she has already united them ironically enough.”

“I don’t see the humor.” I scowled.

“Forgive me Kupo. Ofcourse.” Kupo flew over and hugged my neck in his tiny arms. This being the first time he had ever hugged me I was a bit startled. “It will be ok. I will take this news to the council of moogle right away. Don’t worry Kupo.” Patting his warm head I smiled and did feel a bit comforted.

I really had full confidence that I could hide this child’s lineage from those who would harm her. I had just survived a great trama in my life. If I disappeared no one would think it was unusual. Now I just needed a plan and place to hide. For her, I would do anything.

“Oh and Moogle,” He turned to look at me. “Any word from Beldin yet?”

“No, but don’t worry, hope is not lost just yet for him Kupo.” He smiled widely causing his tiny eyes to squint closed as he spun wildly.

I smiled back and sipped. I had a lot to think about.


Guankim said...

Ooooer, and leaving everyone wondering why the father's not mentioned! Of course, he might've gotten lost somewhere in all that chaos leading up to this, eh? Dun dun DUN!!!!

I like swords.

Kallo Landis said...

>.> Where's Kallo?

...jk jk. =P I can see a more well-defined plot begining to take shape. Bravo and yay =D

Beldin said...

Guan, you've got to learn to pay better attention. The father IS mentioned. It's her late husband, Brodie, you moron.

Wait.... Does this mean the kid is going to be a half-elf? (which happens to be the race of my DnD character which I haven't played in 3 years)

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Guankim was just saying that for inside joke giggles.