Friday, June 22, 2007


I could hear their muffled voices around me but I didn’t really want to. My heart ached. Turning on my side I moaned. Soft fingers ran through my hair and I could hear Yamari calling my name. Suddenly it occurred to me that if someone had found me maybe they had found Brodie too.

“Brodie?” I asked as I sat up and looked around. Just about everyone I knew was there in my mog house watching me as I lay in my bed but suddenly they were very quiet. My eyes dodged from face to face looking for an answer but they just looked down at the floor to avoid me.

Garness broke the silence. “I’m sorry, no one could find Brodie. He’s um… missing.”

Suddenly I felt dizzy and sick. Leaning over the side of the bed I threw up salt water and everything else into a rusty bucket by my bed. Whimpering I slumped back down into my bed pulling the blanket over my head so they couldn’t see me cry. “How could this happen?” I thought to myself. “These things don’t happen like this. He can’t be dead.”

My mind turned to the dark knight. I had to find out what happened to him and if need be, finish him off. He needed to pay for Brodie’s brutal murder. I was a horrible fluke that he got the better of us while we were unsuspecting and he would not be so lucky ever again. Anger swelled inside my chest and pushed away the tears.

Coming out from my hiding place most of the people in my room had left. “Is Beldin here?” I asked.

“No, haven’t seen him in months. Not since the wedding thing with Jen.” Kjarbo replied. “Maybe Jenjen has seen him. I think they are still talking. Do you want to see him?”

“I think the dark knight that came after us will look for Beldin too. He should be warned to keep alert.”

“I think someone is always trying to kill him. I don’t think he’s ever not expecting it. Don’t worry about him. You need to rest. We’ll get him the message.” Kjarbo looked so sympathetic. I hated it.

“I’m rested.” Placing my bare feet on the warm floor I felt a bit queasy again but shook it off.

“At least a good meal first then?” Kjarbo asked. “Then I will go with you to do what needs to be done.”

Moogle flew over and brought me my boots which I slid on walking out to the lobby in my night gown not meaning to ignore Kjarbo but had other things on my mind. “A galka needs to die. Who would like in on the action?” I announced.

Gurok and his linkshell Bonds of Blood was there and he raised a great eye brow in my direction. Whether it was over my appearance, my announcement, or my sudden recovery I’m not sure but I brushed it off. Triumvirate was also there making for a very full lobby.

Martin was the first to speak up. “Killing sounds good. Let’s go.” He was always ready, always the hero whenever action was needed.

“Go where? Look at her. We can go tomorrow first thing.” Zhirin said. Yamari was with him and nodded silently in agreement.

Garness came out with an apron on and a warm bowl of soup. “You’re pale as a ghost and sweating. Here, drink this. It’s a special windhurstian bit of magic. It will help bring back your strength plus some.”

Taking it without another thought I drank down the smooth salty soup and tried to continue to tell them my plans but I couldn’t. Staggering to the side my legs gave out and my body went limp. Someone caught me before I hit the floor and just before I fell into a deep sleep I heard Garness’ voice. “Added a sleeping potion. She should feel much stronger after some much needed rest. Let’s get started on those plans.”


Gurok the Paladin said...

I need Garness to give me that recipe...

Guankim said...

In retrospect, geez, a DRK actually HIT? On second thought, maybe Brodie DID deserve that! xD

Now, suppose you have a reason to level your fishing! "You have a weird feeling about something on the end of the hook!"

Gurok said...

LOL.. fishing.. good one.