Saturday, April 21, 2007

Girl talk

I was a bit surprised and maybe a little nervous when she came in the room. No one else had come even though I told them she/I might need some support. I guess they figured the other party was enough excitement for one day.

As tempted as I was not to come myself I felt duty bound to sit sipping my favorite drink and wait. The archduke was letting us use his sitting room and it was very cozy in front of the crackling fireplace. It would have been a great place for a little party.

She didn’t say anything at first. It did horrible things to my nerves. She just walked into the room with her ears drooping and fell into the sofa. She looked so defeated. It broke my heart. Handing her a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream I waited for her to speak. Still unsure of my standing I didn’t know where to start.

“It’s a good location.” She said as she licked the cream off the top of her drink.

“I thought I was very cozy. I’m sorry it’s not a bigger party.” I replied.

“It’s better. I don’t feel like being around a big group tonight.” Her bottom lip quivered slightly as she finished.

“I’m so sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I would never…” She cut me off before I could finish.

“No, I know. It’s not your fault. He’s just and idiot.” Her eyes were sharp and angry.

I couldn’t argue. “He does love you.”

“I love him.” She said as her face softened back into a pout.

“I know he didn’t mean to hurt you. He really does seem completely crazy about you. He listens to you like he never has to anyone else before. He just has some old habits that are going to be hard for him to break. He’s far from perfect but you’ll never find anyone else like him.”

She chuckled a little to herself. “He is one of a kind. I knew about how he acted around women but I thought he would change for me. Why am I not enough for him?”

“You’re right, he’s and idiot. He doesn’t deserve you but he’s adventurous and has a wild imagination and playful nature like no other. Seeing the world the way he sees it makes things more exciting and beautiful.”

She smiled, “Yeah, I noticed that about him.”

I was not about to bring up other traits we obviously both admired about him do to the delicate nature after current events.

“I guess it comes down to does the good outweigh the bad enough to make it worth the risk and can he give you what you’re looking for?”

“Good questions. I don’t think I know. I guess I have some thinking to do.” She sipped the hot chocolate and held the warm mug close to her body.

I nodded and leaned my head on hers sighing audibly. “I’m sorry. I still love you. Do you love me?” I asked sheepishly.

“Of course,” she said as she threw her arms around me. I jumped as she splashed some hot chocolate on me. I suspect it might have been on purpose but I may have deserved it so I didn’t make a fuss. “I was there. I saw what happened and you were not to blame. This is something Beldin will pay for.”

“I’m glad we’re ok.” I said as I hugged the little mithra tightly. “One question though. Will you get married tomorrow?”

She pressed her eyes against my sleeve as if she wanted to hide from the question. “I don’t know yet.”

Leaning my head on hers I stroked her hair. I felt so bad for her. This is not a bride’s dream come true. I was so glad I wasn’t in trouble in Jenjen’s eyes even if I still felt some responsibility for somehow not preventing this disaster but if it could happen the day before the wedding then why not after too? It was something they needed to address and it’s always better to get these things sorted out before the rings are exchanged and there is no going back.


Guankim said...

Poor Jenjen...Oh, yikes! Argh, not more summonings, lol! O.o;; *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

Seems like a rocky start, Will she marry? Hmmmmmm.

jenn said...

... not at that time and hes still sucking up even now