Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dear Brodie

Dear Brodie,

I admit I was a little upset when I received your last letter but then I realized you’re right. I’m not really the marrying type either and timing isn’t so good. I am awfully young and have a lot of training still to do. We are just fine as we are right? I understand why you would tell me to go marry another but I think I’ll just wait things out a bit longer and see what life throws our way.

I have missed you while you’ve been gone. The wedding between Jenjen and Beldin might have a little hiccup. I won’t know until tomorrow morning when the ceremony is scheduled. I’ll be sure to tell you more about it in my next letter. I wish you were here to help me with it. It seems like I get in a lot less bad situations when I have my paladin to watch over me. Just having you around cheering me on helps so much. I hope you can forgive me for being selfish in my desire to have you with me.

I hope your family is doing better. They must be thrilled to have you home after the tragic death of your father. Ever the paladin I would have been disappointed if you didn’t go home to help your mother raise your young brothers and sisters. Your life is not over, you just need to do something different for awhile. You made the right choice. I know it has been hard on you but I hope you know I will not forget about you just because our paths are separated for awhile.

So you are studying beastmaster now? It seems like an excellent way to develop yourself while you are away from experience parties for awhile. I’ll be sure to bring you some new equipment next time we can get together.

Please don’t wait too long before writing again and please reconsider using your communication pearls. You don’t have to do this alone.

Love always,
Your Alison

Sealing the letter and handing it to my moogle for delivery my heart was heavy. I missed him so much and planning for this wedding made me want to be married more than ever. I knew I couldn’t say that to him right now. It was something I needed to keep to myself. Learning a little more independence had to be good for me.

Now I had the overwhelming task of going to talk to Jenjen. Willowkarr called Zerokb for me and canceled our food and entertainment. It was just going to be the chaperone and the bride for some girl talk. I still wasn’t sure if she even wanted to see me at all but I went to Jeuno to wait for her hoping she would come.


Gurok the Paladin said...

Paladins.. quite the collection.. Seems I may need a few more thieves.. >.> The letter was a nice touch. I hope the light I get shed in someday is....complimentary. lol

Guankim said...

PLDs...I think it's just the illusions presented by the shiny white armor. However, many times have I been able to present quite the compelling argument on how the Crimson and Black compares favorably, care for another duel of tongue on that topic, chere?