Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Big Day

“Which one?” He was fastening the buttons and looking up at me through the top of his eyes. I was a bit surprised to see Beldin looking so relaxed. “That one looks more like me but this shirt is more formal.”

He actually looked rather handsome and the weather was always perfect and sunny on Purgonorgo Isle. It was a perfect place for a wedding. The air was sweet and salty, the sand silky and white, and the water perfect crystal blue. It was a tropical paradise. It took some time to get here by boat but it was always well worth the trip.

“I think you should ask Jenjen. I’m surprised you don’t already have it decided before today.”

He just chuckled and smiled. He seemed much more at ease than I would have expected. “I think the more formal look is what Jenjen will like.”

“hum… I would agree. So you talked to her already then?” I inquired.

“Well just at the party. That was fun wasn’t it?” He grinned.

“So, she’s coming?” I prodded.

“Why wouldn’t she. This is her wedding too.” He was starting to look a little concerned.

“She was really mad about the party. Remember the rock hitting and stuff? I think you should find her and make sure she’s ok.”

He started tuning his communication pearl. Taking it out of his ear and shaking it he tried again. He started to look a little pale as he turned to me with his mouth dropped open. “She’s not online. Why would she have her pearls off on a day like today?”

“You need to find her.”

He wandered slowly to a beautiful lagoon while he fiddled with his pearl. I started to follow him at a distance.

“I need to be alone while I wait.” He said without even turning to see me following. Understanding I walked far off but still in eye shot. He dropped to his knees in the water and let his head fall to his chest while clutching the pearl. It was heartbreaking. How could he not have known she was angry?

She still had fifteen minutes to show up before she was considered late. I started asking who was coming but everyone was so sure no wedding would happen today they didn’t even bother taking the boat trip. I just sat down in the warm sand pulling my legs to my body and waited.

Shadows moved across the sand as the sun rose to midday with no bride. Neither I nor Beldin had moved in three hours. It didn’t seem right to leave him alone like this.

Then he got up and walked away. I knew he didn’t want me to follow him so I quietly watched him go. This is not exactly how I thought my duties as a chaperone would end. I could only hope they could work it out, really for Beldin’s sake. She was just what he needed. Maybe selfishly I wanted her to stay around too and I knew if she left Beldin behind she would leave the Thumbmonkeys. We were already very in love with her too. I didn’t want to see her go.


Anonymous said...

Wow talk about a slap in the face. Reality seems to be sinking in. Alison, your a genius.

Guankim said...

LOL - Well, I wonder if his shield is capped, because surely evasion and parrying aren't his strong points! ^_~ That would've made me feel sorry for him. Almost. Or you for that matter. Almost. xD

The Dread Pirate Beldin said...

Hate to break it to ya Dave, but Ally didn't make any of this up... It's all true

Shoren said...

You must write more.

I used to play FFXI and had to give up the game about 7 months ago. I only wanted to take a small break and pick it back up in the new year. Well, I got some sun on my face and met some friends I forgot I had and well coming back didn't seem all that big a priority.

Well, that was until about a week ago and the FFXI bug bit me once again and bit me hard. >< I REALLY want to come back but unfortunately the bug has bitten me when I have not the funds to play at the moment. Stupid education getting in the way of everything I want to do.

Anyrate, in my craving to experience FFXI without actualyl playing the game, I came across this little piece of narrative bliss. The last two days I've read every post from beging to the most recent, and experience the world of FFXI through your stories has immensly filled the void of my FFXI'less existence.

With that said, I have read all there is to read here and brings me back to my original statement.

You must write more...ummm, please.

Oh yeah, in the time being you have inspired me to write a blog...maybe, if I find the time. Oh and with all the news of being able to change servers with the upcoming updates, I'd also like to come and spend sometime with the Thumbmonkeys. Seems like my kinda people. And I'd be really honored if one day I could find my way into part of the story. ^^

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Shoren, I'm so thrilled you like it. I haven’t written a new one in awhile just because it's spring and I love to garden and horseback ride in my free time now. I do have more stories to tell and you made me want to put out a few more. I'll get on it soon.

As for coming to the server, you're welcome to but my linkshell is not as busy as it used to be. A large part of us have all split up to do end game stuff and while people still come in the linkshell to hang out and have fun, after a year and a half of fun I think we are past our prime and I don't have the energy or desire to try to revive it with a lot of new members. Being responsable for a linkshell is a lot of hard work! Lol. Anyone who has moderated one for over a year I think understands what I mean.

May I suggest making a new character to just visit and chat before deciding to make such a big move? It would be fun to talk to you and see how well you think I nailed everyone's personalities. Almost everyone I have written about is still playing often.

Thanks for the great compliment. It made my day and inspires me to write some more tales. I think I'll start another dynamis one this afternoon.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Oh, and check my links. There are some really great stories there with a lot more imagination than I have. Irregular Press being my personal favorite but I have always been a softy for Galka. I bet you will really like them.

Also, the ThumbMonkeys post their stories on our forum so looking there you will find some fun reading too.

Guankim said...

Except for the minor fact that (at the time of this posting) the link is broken. :x Oopsy...hehe

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

"Except for the minor fact that (at the time of this posting) the link is broken. :x Oopsy...hehe "

Oh no! I hope it comes back up soon. That stuff is gold. If he moved the page again and anyone knows where, let me know please.

jenn said...

... i just re read this one again and guess what my anger is no more.. more sad than any thing... now i feel realy bad about what i did and how i went over bord over every thing...

beldin if you ever come back on ... would you mind taking me back to Purgonogo isld...