Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kammy's Birthday

“Do you know what today is?” Kammy sang. “It’s your favorite kitty’s birthday. Bring forth the gifts.” She said with a wide smile as she leaned over beating her hands on the coffee table and flipping her tail anxiously in the air.

We all exchanged questioning looks but it was clear no one knew. Beldin to my surprise was the one to rescue us from Kammy’s inevitable wrath if she knew that we were unprepared. “No one can give gifts yet. We have to do that at your birthday party. Don’t spoil it with impatience Kammy. It’s not until tonight.”

Kammy jumped up in the air and clasped her hands together in delight. “A party!” She shouted. “Oh, where, where! It’s positively purrrfect.” She purred. The wild wagging of her tail knocked over a lantern but Petru caught it as he walked by without saying a word and placed it on another table.

“The only place you can have a party of your stature and with a guest list as large as yours will clearly have.” He replied.

She leaned forward as if it would make it possible for the words to reach her pricked ears faster. Turning Beldin walked away with a grin on his face. “Where?!” Kammy shouted as she pounced onto his back, drawing blood with her nails as she climbed to sit on his shoulders. Beldin cringed but took it silently. Leaning over she clutched his face in her hands and stared upside down with her large round eyes.

“Oh, I thought you would know. It is your party. It’s scheduled at the hostel in Whitegate of course. Tonight we gather at sunset. We even have attendants, food, and fireworks paid for already.”

Leaning too far forward she rolled over Beldin’s head and into his arms. “I have to find something to wear!” and with that she leapt from his grasp and bounded off to search her mog house for the perfect boots.

“Wow, nice save.” Ryger said as he breathed out audibly. We chuckled in agreement and with that I was off to find gifts and hurry to Whitegate to make sure we could in fact get reservations.

Willowkarr acted as the official greeter and made sure only who was invited was allowed to trickle into the small courtyard. Walking in and looking around I couldn’t help but be struck by the resemblance of one of the male attendants to my own favorite bearded hume. Brodie was missing again and I could only assume it was because of my failure to answer his proposal. My heart ached as I stared maybe a little too long at the server who approached and handed me a drink with a smile and retreated to refill his tray.

Willowkarr whispered to me over our friendship pearl. “She’s here. Get everyone ready.” My heart skipped in excitement. I do love parties.

“Everyone, gather and be ready. She’s coming!” I said in a hushed shout. Kammy came in followed by Willowkarr. Everyone cheered, “Happy birthday Kammy!” and lit off fireworks around her. Jumping back in fright she tumbled over Willowkarr and burst out laughing. I had a feeling this would be a fun bonding event for our linkshell.

Showering her with little gifts and trinkets seemed to make Kammy feel like the princess she was sure she was meant to be.

“I have a gift for you!” Kammy announced. “I invented it myself.” The servers came out with trays of tall glass cups brimming with her treat. A strange blue bubbling drink that was surprisingly cold. A blue-green mist rose from the cup and crawled up our arms before falling to the floor. It was as if it had a magical life all its own. Overcoming my nervousness about such an unusual beverage I tasted it and found it had a delightful fruity flavor that made me want more, and more I did have. Lots more. We all did. Maybe too much more because it seemed to have the strange power to make us all act without inhibitions.

We felt like a bunch of drunk Mithra. We danced and leapt from the furniture and carried on like wild things, each trying to outdo the rest. It was great fun. There was a sizable bit of canoodling that to this day I will blame on that blasted drink. Beldin wanted to dance with me and I couldn’t get enough. It seemed like he was dipped in chocolate and offering me diamonds because I couldn’t say no.

I barely remember even getting home. Most of the linkshells members didn’t make it to their beds at all. I think the attendants just pushed us out the door and left us on the steps after our reserved time expired. Everyone was scattered all over the world by morning, some of them crossing impressive distances with no idea how they did it without being beaten to a pulp by a passing beastman.

Waking in the morning I felt refreshed and energized like I had slept for days, which apparently I had. Walking out my door I was handed a cup of hot chocolate by Kjarbo. “I thought I heard you stirring. Good morning my lady.” Kjarbo smiled and bowed slightly. “I’m glad I avoided Kammy’s drink or else who knows where you would have ended up. It’s generally a good idea to pass on Mithran concoctions of any kind.”

Then I vaguely remembered. He was the one who delivered me to my moogle the night before. “You’re here waiting on me?” I asked.

Kjarbo chuckled. “Well yes, and I decided to move into the ThumbMonkey house with the rest of you. If I’m going to take up adventuring I might as well live the life fully. Making a linkshell my home seems like a must do on the check list and if Jenjen says this is the place to be, I trust her judgment. I’ll keep my house in Mhaura to use from time to time but I’ll live in adventure housing with a door connecting here from now on like the rest of you. Besides, I like the leader.”

I was glad to hear he was joining the linkshell for good. He was a very unusual yet very likable person himself. I would remember his advice. No more Mithran specials for me. I could only hope no real harm had been done by them.


Guankim said...

Dun dun DUN! And the plot thickens...but damn, a whole party full of Mithran concoctions...sheesh, why I do never get summoned to the super FUN events, bah. I blame the universal bosses, dammit, I need a raise...oh, wait, that impl... *whack*

The Universe begins casting Raise on Guankim.

Dammit, I didn't mean THAT kind of Raise! And R1 at that! x.X

Anonymous said...

Sounds like damn good fiesta, I am partial to green minty drinks myself, but dancing around like a ThumbMonkey on fire sounds like fun.

Argentos of Windurst said...

You gotta watch out for those Mithra. They're pretty dang tricky, whether they're trying to be or not!