Monday, February 12, 2007

Thing of Beauty

If ever I could have a relationship based on lust this would be it. I just sat in the grass and watched him wield that sword like a natural. I was completely fascinated by him but I didn’t really want to get involved I just wanted to watch him. Every glistening tanned inch of him.

He announced that he was going to sign up in the adventurer program with San D’Oria soon after our dinner party together. He said he thought he should spend some time closer to home with Jenjen’s engagement. He didn’t even know Beldin and that bothered him.

He paused occasionally to smile at me but wasn’t visibly bothered that I followed him around as he accumulated his experience points killing off the local pests. I didn’t have any mage skills so I couldn’t heal him but I could kill the occasional threat with one shot from my bow so I felt somewhat helpful.

Brodie came and sat down next to me in the soft grass. “So what are we hunting today?” He grinned as if we had not missed a beat.

“Jaggedy-Eared Jack.” I replied without looking away from Kjarbo.

“He is a bit bigger than I remember but I’ve been away awhile.”

I nodded in agreement. “How are you and Rebornsoul?” I didn’t really want to beat around the bush too long; didn’t see any advantage to it. I wanted to know.

“Humm... Well we ran into some trouble. She loves me but I love you and just friends didn’t fit into her life plan. We had to part ways not long after.” He said as he turned to look at me.

I couldn’t help but gasp as he said those words, “I love you.” My face flushed but I didn’t want him to know he could soften me that quickly so didn’t even turn to look at him.

“I’m sorry I’m an idiot. I just never imagined that any woman would have any romantic interest in me let alone someone like you. It’s really just been me and my sword all these years. I didn’t think I even wanted a relationship but when Rebornsoul offered I had to find out if it was something I wanted. When you told me how you felt I was stunned. I couldn’t say anything then, but now I need you to know that I love you. I didn’t know what happiness was until you came to me. Now I can’t live without you.” He took my hand and got up on one knee. “Alison, please marry me.”

I was stunned to silence. That was all I ever wanted to hear for so long yet now it seemed sudden. He had been gone for weeks. He left me. Now he wanted back for good? My brain told me he was a scoundrel and to get rid of him but my heart missed my best friend and wanted to make this life long commitment. Time seemed to slow down as I let the words roll around in my head. Too much rolling of the words around my head and I started to feel faint. I turned to lean on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Alison, please say something.” He pleaded. Sweat beaded up on his forehead and his skin was flushed. With my head against his heart I could feel it pounding but my words didn’t seem to work.

Then I breathed and the tension left me. This felt good. I was in the arms of my paladin and all was right with the world again. “Alison, do you need time to think about it?” he whispered after a few minutes sounding somewhat defeated. “Actually no, I meant will you forgive me? The other thing just came out without me meaning to. I take it back.”

I cleared the fog in my brain enough to answer him. “Don’t take it back, just don’t make me answer yet. We need time for us for awhile. We’ve been apart. Let us catch up.”

He nodded in agreement and after a few moments of comfortable silence we got back to chatting light-heartedly about all the things that had happened while we were away from each other. It was as if we had never been parted. It felt good.


Brodie said...

YAY!!! I finaly came back. Took me long enough, I must have been shoping around for a gift for you in the ah. How about a Rabbit charm for my favorite thf?

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

I think I'll deem this the Valentine's Day Special. Good to have you back Brodie. I think I took way too long to patch us up. Too bad its mostly down hill from here. I blame you as always.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! May the chocolate kisses and candy hearts be plentiful for you all.

Argentos of Windurst said...

Aww, how bittersweet in a romantic way.

/smile Alison

Anonymous said...

Hi allison, as ytou can see I read all your post and I am now up to date. I said early on that I am interested in the game itself, your stories are so entertaining, I feel that I understand the game so much more. I do not play, my girls three kids do. I just want to see what keeps them so entertained. Happy Valentines. I look forward to reading more soon.

Guankim said...

"My brain told me he was a scoundrel and to get rid of him but my heart missed my best friend and wanted to make this life long commitment."

Your brain is a good thinker, your heart is a chump. ^_~ Haha, and downhill from there, eh? Oh, gosh, that's just TOO funny! Glad you had a happy Valentine's!

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Thanks guys.

Guan, my brain gets me in just as much trouble as my heart. I'm a lost cause.

Dave you should play with your grandkids. Ask them for a world pass so you can play on the same server. It's a family bonding thing. Worked great for me and my brothers.

Anonymous said...

OMG does my photo look that old? Its my girls kids not my grandkids lol I do hope to be around to introduce the grandkids to FFXX you know the one with the vr helmets and holo room. haha

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Sorry >.<
I feel silly. I thought your girl was you daughter. It what my father calls me.
No, you dont look nearly old enough to have grandkids. I just figured you aged well. Can you forgive me?

Guankim said...


Brain and heart get you in trouble? Sheesh, why do I think Ragnarok may come a-calling again sometime soon? :P I will have to blame Brodie too if it does, hah!

Anonymous said...

No worries Alison; I could never be mad at U