Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcoming a New Member

The door flung open widely as a tall Corsair stepped with long purposeful steps stopping in the middle of the room as to announce himself with his stance alone. “I’m back.” Beldin belted out.

I had been reading quietly and enjoying a hot drink when he entered. I was thrilled to see him back after a long unexplained absence. A little crazy and reckless he may be but never boring and I felt a special connection with him I didn’t have with anyone else. I missed him.

He had disappeared after the shooting Brodie incident, not that I had been around to notice much anyways. I did find myself feeling a little disappointed when I came home to find him gone. Somewhere in the back of my head I had considered him a bit of a back up plan though I wouldn’t dare say that out loud.

Reaching down and taking my hand he pulled my up into his arms and lifted me off the floor in a warm embrace. I gave in and let myself openly enjoy it as I leaned my head against his and hugged him back. It felt so good to see him.

He set me down and kissed the top of my head. I tried to discourage the casual kissing but trying to get Beldin to do anything but exactly as he pleased was impossible. “I brought someone for you to meet.” He said with a wide smile. On cue an unusually attractive Mithra came in the doorway with a shy smile. “This is Jenjen, my wife.” He said.

“Future wife.” She corrected. “We haven’t been married yet. Nice to meet you Alison, I’ve heard a lot about you.” She smiled and gave a small wave.

Surprised would be an understatement but I was delighted to have another female member in our family. Reaching down and hugging her I smiled, “Welcome to the linkshell. We are so happy to meet you. Tell us how you found this scoundrel pirate of ours and brought him home to us. I want to know everything.” She sat down between me and Beldin to start her story.

“I felt sorry for him.” She said as she smiled and reached over to take his hand. “We were in a linkshell together and he was kicked out for being himself. It didn’t seem fair. I went to him and we haven’t left each others side again. I don’t know what I ever did without him.”

With that he scooped the tiny Mithra up in his arms and bent his head down to kiss her passionately. Jealous? Me? Yeah a little but I knew I’d get over it and I am always happy to see the people I care about happy even if it means enduring P.D.A. when I myself had no one to be annoying with. I bit my lip.

“Well he certainly does ensure you will never be bored with him by your side.” I said as I handed them a platter of cookies to break them up. This only led to watching them feed each other. I was sure I was going to have to stab myself.

Just like super heroes, Yamari and Zhirin showed up together. Zhirin was a good friend of Brodie and only recently around more often. Soft-spoken and easy to miss when so many of our members are so… how do I say it? Energetic, he tended to blend in. Yamari was a newer member. She was shy and conservative and I adored her like a sister. A pretty Hume girl, I found I felt the need to slap around some of our boys when they got too anxious for her attention but she always seemed confident and at ease when Zhirin was with her.

Beldin jumped up when he saw them, launching the Mithra on his lap to the floor with an un-cat like thud. Drawing his gun he took aim and shot Zhirin in the leg.

“Beldin no!” I shouted as I took his gun from him.

“Why did you shoot me?!” Zhirin said with a bewildered look.

“I’m just shooting the intruders.” Beldin said with his best innocent look.

“Beldin, these are linkshell members and Zhirin has owned a pearl longer than you he just hasn’t been here when you were around.” I scolded.

Yamari quickly healed Zhirin’s wound before it could do any more damage and glared angrily at Beldin.

Jenjen found her feet and yelled “Sit! Now!” To my indescribable amazement Beldin dropped to the floor so quickly I’m sure he must have hurt his hind end. “Be good.” She commanded and with that said, settled down in his lap.

“Wow” escaped my lips and I looked on in a bit of shock. I had never seen anyone successfully tell Beldin what to do. I had to admit this must be a match made in heaven. Well, for me at least. I didn’t know how she did it but I was impressed. Laughing a little to myself I smiled at the new couple. How could I be anything but thrilled for them?


Guankim said...

"This only led to watching them feed each other. I was sure I was going to have to stab myself."

--Not quite the same when you're not the one [i]being[/i] fed, eh? Haha, great story, I got quite a kick out of a lot of it! I thought I was about to see a rumble there for a bit! Darn, heh.

Bariko said...

Well well well. It's been a while since I posted, but I've been following, faithfully I might add. I'm glad to see you're still posting, and your writing has improved greatly since that first post way back when. *smile*

Thanks for your effort Allison.



Gurok said...

I would have payed good gil to see that...

Anonymous said...

Heilig scheisse! A roleplayer! With a Roleplaying linkshell! It's the proverbial needle in a haystack, and it's made of solid gold!

Argentos of Windurst said...

Beldin? Taking orders? I'm... amazed.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

"Beldin? Taking orders? I'm... amazed."

It was something amazing alright. I dont know how she did it but he followed her comands with robot-like obedience and lightning speed. I wish you could have seen it. Made me a bit jealous that I could never get any kind of obedience from him at all even when it was something perfectly reasonable like, "Please, don't shoot new members."

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Thanks bariko, I'm just surprized I still have things to write. I didnt think I would ever write so much. It's fun.

And Guankim, that reminds me I don't think I have written about any of my linkshell rumbles. Thanks for the idea.

As for Anon guy I guess it is a role playing ls kind of even though we didnt really start that way we're just silly and have fun with the /em.

Oh and I finnially reached level 75 on my thief this week. Yay!

Alhakeem said...

hey this is ur next door guy on XD i just saw the link u have on that page and came to check it out .... very very nice i must say .. still didnt read it all theres ALOT to read since i just opend XD good job none the less!

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

lol howdy neighbor. /wave
Thank you, I hope you enjoy the rest. Comment away as you go. I go nuts for comments. Almost as tasty as chocolate.

It's very chronilogical so the beginning is a good place to start as if I had to say that. lol Nice to see you here.

Guankim said...

/grin -- Oh, how I love typos ^^

So, is that Chrono-illogical or Chronological? ^_~ Alright, alright, I'll stop being silly now! Take that dagger out of my back, it's mildly irking my Stoneskin. :P

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Mildly? I'm a big level 75 now. That dagger should sting like mad! Yeah, I'm not a very good speller. Bully me some more. Just thank your lucky stars I use spell check for stories. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep now. And to think I ate your chocolate.

Guankim said...

Congrats on the 75 by the way, knew there was another part of that comment I meant to respond to, haha! But yes, to the 75 RDM/NIN, it is mildly, luv ^_~ And depending on which chocolate you ate...should I be worrying before I go riding? HAHA!