Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It was time to take my newly tanned self back to the linkshell lobby. My little vacation felt great but I missed my friends. Well honestly they were more than friends. The ThumbMonkeys had become my family and it was time to go home to them where I belonged.
I don’t think I could have prepared myself for what I would find. As I approached the building I could hear a very unusual amount of ruckus coming from inside. I meant to be quiet as I opened the door and peered in but a bucket propped against the front door made my appearance well known.

The room went deathly quiet as they all turned to look at me. Garness was standing in the middle of the room holding Petru upside-down by his ankle with an apple in the little taru’s mouth and in the other hand a puppetmaster’s puppet. Moltov, Marrcus, and Apocolipse, and others were scattered about the room looking a bit disoriented. Garness dropped the limp puppet on the floor, tossed the Taru behind the sofa, and smiled warmly at me.

“Welcome home fearless leader.” He smiled as he sheepishly removed a roughly made crown from his head.

Foxx burst into the room and yelled, “Thumbgalka!” as he tossed Kammy into the room bound, gagged, and face painted in reds and yellows. Tall dinner candles where tucked in the ropes around her body and she appeared to be listless and drooling. Garness cleared his throat loudly and Foxx stopped in his tracks, looked at me, and left the room without a word.

The entire house looked sindged and disheveled. I noticed Garness had one foot on a sizable lump under the carpet and his lance was lodged in the wall.

“Thank you Garness, it’s good to be home.” I said as I continued to survey the damage. My nose wrinkled at the smell. “Is our maid on vacation?” I asked.

“Umm… Yes, well I had to fire him.” Garness said as he shifted nervously. “He made terrible cookies and I know how important quality is to you when it comes to sweets. I’ve already started to look for a new more qualified candidate.” Rover peeked his head out from around an over turned table and ducked back when he made eye contact with me.

“Yeah I think we should be quick about it. I looks like you went to war in here, and what is that smell?” I questioned.

The lump under Garness foot started to shift slightly and the Galka reacted by stomping it vigorously until it stopped. Garness started nudging me off to my room as he answered, “Yes, maid, and umm cookies in the kitchen for you. Welcome home. You should go relax. I’ll take care of the lobby. Needed a new look in here anyways. Don’t want to let the look become stale.” He gave me a final shove into my room and shut the door behind me. “Did I say welcome home?”

All I could do was laugh. As much trouble as I knew they all could get into I trusted them to be able to handle whatever was going on without me if that’s what they insisted. At least my room was as I left intact. Moogle did an excellent job of keeping it secure from intruders. “Welcome home Kupo” he buzzed.

I smiled at the familiarity of being home again and fell backwards onto my bed. “Thank you moogle. Any news?”

He chattered on about something but I was lost in thought and didn’t hear a word. I had a good trip. I wiggled under the covers and fell sound asleep in my dusty clothes despite the increasing clatter outside my room that I assumed was my linkshell mates trying to hide evidence of whatever they were up to while I was gone.


Guankim said...

Someone is going to have messy pockets doing that, hehe.

Gurok said...

Thumbgalka... Garness as king... First time Kammy wasn't bouncing off the walls... has a nice ring to it. :)