Sunday, January 28, 2007


“Hello?” I said. A friend pearl must have rolled behind the cabinet and been lost. I didn’t know who to return it to. Using it seemed like the fastest way to solve the mystery.

“You are not Jenn.” A masculine voice said. “Who is this?”

“Oh I just need to find out who this belongs to. I’m don’t mean to intrude. She must have lost her pearl. My name is Alison. Jenn joined my linkshell last week. Exciting news about the engagement isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, that. Well my lady, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He said sweetly. “My name is Kjarbo.”

I had to pause. He had an odd way of speaking and had a bit of a Mithra accent though he clearly was not one. His voice was too deep. I was perplexed and curious.

“So, how do you know Jenn.” I questioned.

“She hasn’t mentioned me?” He chuckled. “I guess I slipped her mind with the recent excitement. We are very close but work keeps me away for long periods of time. I’m a deep sea fisherman and a mercenary of sorts. Great income but it is hard to keep in touch with family. I am her brother.”

“I see… I don’t mean to be nosey but you don’t sound like a Mithra.” I had to purse my lips a little while I waited for a response. I felt so rude asking so many questions to some one I didn’t even know but I was dieing with curiously over not only him but Jen, our newest addition to the ThumbMonkey family and current fiancé of The Dread Pirate Beldin. Though now that I think of it, finding she came from a family of fisherman brought up more interesting questions. Sure she could be attracted to Beldin’s seaman side but pirates are not exactly loved by the more law abiding stewards of the ocean.

He just chuckled softly. “Well my lady. It sounds like we have Jen in common and should get to know each other. I have a small house in Mhaura and I am in port for a few days. If you would do me the honor of joining me tonight I would love to make you dinner and tell you our story.”

How could I resist? It was an occasion when I wondered if something other than armor would be more appropriate but I shrugged it off since I didn’t have that luxury anyways. I think my mother just momentarily intruded into my brain and whispered silly nonsense about social etiquette. I did have moogle wash up my armor and put a fresh polish on my boots so I felt spiffy. I had never been invited to someone’s home for dinner before and it was exciting.

Before I could even knock upon arrival the door swung widely revealing the excited Mithra within. Jenjen greeted me looking more mirthan than I had ever seen her. She clutched her hands together tightly and bounced up and down on the balls of her feet. “Alison’s here!” she exclaimed as if the entire village was waiting to hear. Jumping into my arms she hugged me tightly yet briefly and bounced back into the house.

I assumed I was to follow her so I closed the door behind me and stepped inside. The house smelled amazing. A rich mix of spices swirled around the small warm room. The home was cozy and decorated in strange exotic looking treasures I imagined he must have collected on his adventures to unknown islands and far off places. The larger living space was mostly kitchen and dinning area with two soft pillowy seating areas in one corner near a well stocked bookshelf defined by an ornate rug. An adjoining room was visible that appeared to have hammocks for sleeping and a small en-suite water closet.

Kjarbo spotted me and wiped his hands dry on a hand towel then set it down to greet me. “Jen, you didn’t tell me she was so beautiful.” He said without breaking eye contact with me. He took the flowers I brought as a gift for them and kissed my hand. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you. Jen has told me all about you today. And these flowers are exactly what we needed tonight. Thank you.” He said with a gentle smile and turned to put them in a vase for a center piece.

I had never been greeted this way before and as strange as it was I had to admit I liked it. I liked it a lot. “I’m glad you like them. I grew them myself. It’s a bit of a hobby.”

Kjarbo I must tell you is an amazing cook. I don’t have much skill in that department myself so a well cooked meal is very appreciated. My taste buds were in heaven with each bite of the amazing fish he prepared for us. No wonder Jen was so excited when her brother was home. I’d miss this kind of cooking too. She said he always made meals a big deal. I was envious.

“I hope I’m not being too personal but I must ask; how is it that an Elvaan and a Mithra are siblings?” I watched their eyes carefully checking for any sign of offense.

Jen was the first to answer. She leapt from her chair and cupped Kjarbo’s head in her hands kissing the side of his head and ruffling his slate black hair. “He was lost so we took him home. No parents turned up so we kept him as our very own. As a child he expected to grow a tail. It took a long time to convince him he wouldn’t. He was the cutest little thing.”

Kjarbo smiled warmly at his sister. “Yes, we were very similar in age so we grew up very close. I was only a toddler when they rescued me. I was wandering alone and nearly taken by the Yagudo. They were the best family a boy could have ever dreamed of having. I still expect to grow a tail by the way.”

I assume he was kidding about the tail. The relationship between Jenjen and Kjarbo was very interesting. She was full of boundless energy in typical Mithra fashion while Kjarbo seemed to almost move in slow motion by comparison with his gentle patient ease. It was as if they attempted to balance each other out by covering two extremes creating an oddly perfect harmony. They were more family than many siblings I knew that had blood relation.

When the time came to go home I found I didn’t want to leave. Kjarbo tucked one of the flowers I brought behind my ear and kissed me sweetly on the cheek as he said goodnight. I was so twiterpated by it I don’t even remember saying good night to Jen. They were such fun to talk to and so easy to like. They welcomed me in like family in a beautifully genuine way. I felt like I had struck gold with these two new friends and Altana willing I hoped to keep them around for a very long time.


Guankim said...

That was a beautiful story...Almost makes me want to go back and meet some old friends again the memories it evoked...Well, it would if I wasn't busy doing thievery currently >.> Damn you, Fiery, & 'keta's influence, ha!

Argentos of Windurst said...

I absolutely love this post. It's funny how often we can take our families for granted, isn't it?

In other news, congrats on your first Dynamis as well. Assuming there's truth in that entry (as I'd hope there would be), major congrats on the hat!

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Aw Guan, I have no influence in making Thf sound fun? Yeah... maybe its cause I spend too much time chasing handsome men in my blog and no time doing actual thief work. I have my priorities and I'm not afraid to show it. Play first, work second.

Thanks Argentos and yep, first dynamis I got my af hat drop. That post is pretty much how it happened. Well may I might have imagined Airamis’ glasses. I’ve been at it for about six months once or twice a week and still only have three pieces. I want my af2 gloves sooo badly.

Azura said...

hehe, I admit i really haven't met you but on the occasion to event and dynamis but this was very well written. few spelling errors aside you have a genuine flow of well rounded literature. though to really enjoy this writing i imagine you have to be such the FFXI addict as we are to understand it's uniqueness. Was fun read, thank you and hope to see you around Ragnarok. =D Azura

Darkheart said...

Good story... You seem to have a knack for getting others to cook for you... I hear you can saute Bibikos in white wine and butter, just a thought >.>

Moe said...

Just started reading your stuff and I'm loving it.

Sinlessrogue said...

These stories are really long and detailed and enthralling I have to say. I'm going to bookmark this page and continue on up the passage of time!