Tuesday, August 29, 2006

White Knight part 2

His easy light-hearted nature took away all the embarrassment of my failed attempt to make the trip alone. A few cures later and we were ready to get back on the road to Jeuno. It was easy with the paladin’s help. His spells kept me hidden from all the beasts and beastmen in the area that would have tried to make a late night snack out of me. This allowed me to take in all the new sights without worry and talk to my new friend.

“So what is your name?” I asked.

He blushed faintly. I’m sorry. I completely forgot to introduce myself. My name is Brodie. I heard your call over the linkshell and told them I would come escort you to Jeuno. You’ll love it there. It is a favorite gathering spot for adventures who need help with quests, missions, gaining experience, or trading goods. Its design is quite amazing in itself. It’s built in layers with the port at the base, lower and upper Jeuno in the middle, and the government areas at the top.

He was right. I was impressed. It wasn’t so much the city itself but the high level adventurers in beautiful expensive looking armor. I felt star struck as I starred at them all as they sat around looking bored chatting with each other about the events of the day.

I started to notice people were stepping away from me and giving me dirty looks.

Brodie just laughed and said, “I think we need to rent a mog house for you. I’m sure you’ll clean up beautifully.”

Here’s the best part. The woman didn’t charge for the room. I guess the city was so happy to have us all there to keep the beastmen under control that they were perfectly happy to supply us with mostly clean rooms. This was perfect for my compulsion to horde gil greedily until I was wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

“Well I think we should part ways here.” He said. “Room sharing is not exactly encouraged in Jeuno. Once you are ready just take the stairs down as far as they go then follow the hallway until you reach the gate to Qufim Island. It’s not exactly a vacation spot but it is the best place for you to find an experience party at your level. Just avoid traveling at night. It can get ugly fast. Please call me when you need me for anything. I’m more than happy to help.”

With that said he grinned at me, gave me his best paladin bow, and left.

My moogle squinted his nose at me as I walked in.

“Have a nice trip Kupo?” he said trying to look cheery.

I dropped my mud encrusted armor at his feet and said, “Yes, and I brought you an opportunity to excel. Not to rush you but I think I can get an experience party in this new area today if you can manage to clean these up in time.”

“I’ll get right on that Kupo.” Moogle sang as he flew out the door to wherever those silly things go to do such work.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I slid into the hot tub of soapy water. “Thank goodness I’m here and alive.” I thought to myself. I decided I would write Mom a letter before I left but I would leave out the near death experience part. No need to worry her over nothing.

This room had more furniture than my own house in Sandy. There I was still sleeping on the floor. I grinned to myself and decided I would be staying here a long long time. I was really starting to feel like I was moving up in the world.


Bariko said...

Ahh, the tales of being a thief. I know them well. I truly enjoy your stories, and look forward to each bit I get.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Wow! My very first comment and it's actually positive. Thank you! I feel like a proud parent. I was wondering if anyone would actually read these. I'm so glad someone else enjoys them besides me. I'd like to say I'd keep writting them even if they were never read but I'd be totally lieing. Yay for the ThumbMonkeys!!!

Bariko said...

*chuckles* Not a problem. I had a similar blog going while I was still in the game. I'd be happy to chat with you sometime. Take it easy!


Cyrex said...

Hehe this story is good, keep it up^^

~Cyrex of bismarck 63thf

Thiefprincess said...

Another Thief adventure! I like your style, keep it up ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am not a FFXI player, My girls three lids are and I am trying to understand why they are so drawn to it. I must admit, your story is excellent. I started reading in the beggining and will probably go through all of 2006 in time. I will drop you a line from time to time. I hope you will explain things to me as I want to understand it all. p.s. i have my own blog dave63innewyork.blogspot.com Its about my adventures in new york, not quite the spirited adventures you write but my own experiences never the less. Keep up your blog and will talk later.

Dominuse said...

Posted: Aug 29 2006, 11:15 PM

why isnt my story this good? <3

Alison said...

Posted: Aug 31 2006, 09:15 AM

LOL Crazy talk. Yours have much more adventure and excitement. I'm crazy excited to find out what you're going to do about these seemingly ghost ships.