Sunday, August 27, 2006


Finding decent companions was not as easy as I thought it would be. A low level Elvaan woman does not automatically get much respect in this world. I had plenty of invites into linkshell groups only to be treated like a joke or a tramp. It was frustrating to say the least.

Being Elvaan I had always been taught to have pride in everything I do and to behave like a decent upstanding woman of noble birth. I started to feel like I was surrounded by wallowing swine. The filth and stupidity was appalling. I was starting to understand why the beast master had chosen a solitary life. At least he didn’t have to deal with idiots as directly as a thief must in order to get ahead.

You can understand how I was not in the frame of mind to be too friendly when an Elvaan man walked up to the auction house in Bastok and offered me a linkpearl.

“I don’t believe I know you and I don’t need another worthless linkshell group” I grumbled avoiding eye contact in hopes that he would just go away and leave me to sell my crystals.

“Are you already in a linkshell?” he asked.

“Well no. I don’t need one. I’m fine. Thank you for the kind offer.”

He chuckled and replied, “Well then. Try this linkshell out and if you don’t like us you can always throw it away. We are a group that just likes to help each other out.”

At this point I turned and really looked at him. He was tall with straw colored wispy hair and bright friendly eyes. He grinned widely at me and held out his hand. The blue-green pearl almost seemed to have life as the sun danced off its glossy surface.

I took the pearl from him and turned it on. The linkshell was the largest I had ever been in. People were everywhere and of every level and country. The lobby was full of furniture and clutter and smelled faintly of a salt water swimming pool I could see in a back room.

“Hello.” I said to test the waters.

Sethsmith announced, “Everyone say hello to Alison. She’s new to the linkshell. Welcome to the Mercenaries Alison. Let us know if you need help with anything.”

I sat down and tried to take the place in. Without warning a Mithra jumped in my lap and licked my cheek. Sethsmith watched and laughed as she reached in my pack and pulled out my stash of chocolate cookies.

“Share!” the Mithra shrieked as she gobbled down the cookies sending crumbs flying everywhere. “I like her,” the Mithra grinned, “She tastes like cookies. Can we keep her?”

A dark knight Hume in the corner chuckled and said, “Her name is Kammy. I think she likes you. My name is DkrChris. Let me know when I can help you out.”

Despite having cookies in my hair and Mithra slobber on my face I was feeling very good about his group. At least I was not the only woman in this group. That was a good start.

Here I would stay for most of my tender first levels under the watchful eyes of real friends. Without Sethsmith’s bold insistence I don’t know that I would have made it past level 40 before going home to submit myself to the life of an NPC. Not to say that I am weak but no one can find true happiness in life by walking the road alone.


Thistle said...

*snerks* It seems Mithra act the same everywhere! You could have been describing most of the ones on my LS.

Dominuse said...

Posted: Aug 25 2006, 10:36 PM

another great job Ali!
keep up the good work

Beldin said...

Posted: Aug 25 2006, 10:44 PM

Watch the next one be about the failed assassination...

The assassin has the wrong person

Moltov said...

Posted: Aug 27 2006, 06:16 PM

Yay for Mercenaries \o/