Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Beginning

“Don’t forget to visit once in awhile.” She said.

I chuckled to myself as I waved goodbye to Mom. I had no idea why she was so reluctant to let me move into my own place in the adventure’s quarters. I could hardly wait to meet my moogle. The day I received my acceptance letter into the adventure program I nearly fainted with delight. Thank goodness I wouldn’t end up trapped in San D’Oria in the leather crafters guild like Mom had hoped. Mind numbing boredom makes my eyes glaze over after about ten minutes of working in that awful smelling place.

I needed adventure. I wanted to go to Jeuno and band together with other adventures and make a difference. Well, that’s what I put on my application. What I really needed was gil. Lots and lots of gil. I was so sick of being without it and now was my chance to get my piece of the treasure. I wanted to be the one robed in beautiful armor and jeweled rings. When I walked through the streets I wanted to hear my name whispered excitedly by the elvaan children. Someday I wanted to be the respected for greatness. What kind of greatness I wasn’t sure yet.

Too busy turning my onion sword in my hands and admiring my standard issue level one armor I had no idea what they said during orientation. Let out through the gates I ran through the grass like a woman gone mad yelling at the top of my lungs to let them all know I was coming. The rush! The freedom! I was out of the gate and the wild world was mine to conquer! The rabbits barely looked up as I charged past them toward a very wealthy looking goblin. This, I thought to myself, was going to be fun.

That’s when I felt pain shoot through my body like electricity. Space seemed to swirl around in my head as the sky went black and I felt the ground thud under my head.

“Welcome home Kupo!”

“What happened?” I asked a bit bewildered.

“Well Kupo. Let me explain your mog house to you. When you are incapacitated…”

Blaa blaa blaa. I swung my arms in the air above my head angerly. Dang it! First fight and I was down. I was so glad no one saw me. Not exactly the start I had dreamed of.

“My I suggest you start with worms Kupo?”

“Are you kidding?! Worms?” That’s not the story I want to have told at the pub as they cheer the tales of their favorite hero. How the amazing Alison took on a mushy worm. Sounds perfectly awful.

I swallowed my pride and went out to slaughter the masses of squirmy and fuzzy beasts within safe distance of the gate. After putting the various treasures I collected up for bid at the auction house I returned to my new quarters feeling very satisfied with my first day of independence. Not song worthy yet but independent and gil was made. Fame was only a matter of time. This, I thought to myself, is going to be great.


Moltov said...

Nice start was funny and pretty much sums up everyones first day in the game. That is being horribly beaten by a goblin and forced to fight the little worms lol.

Dominuse said...

great Alison!!!
now you can keep me in suspense for awhile

Willowkarr said...

Nice! I love first experience outside the gates? I had about 300k (as I've said before, I was a millionaire before lvl 15) and had the best armor, and I went out and killed rabbits, never worms, they didn't drop good gil items. I didn't go into La Thaine Plateau till lvl 13...LOL, yep, I was to scared.