Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's a Living

Dizzy and confused as to where I was, the light was so blinding I couldnt see. It stang and pulled tears from the corner of my eyes and my entire body was burning as if I had been set on fire.

A form stepped between me and the sun allowing me squint them open. He smiled a crooked grin and laughed. “Well hello goblin bait. I think you’ll be ok as soon as your head clears.”

“Zerokb?” I asked as I tried to focus on the face inside the hooded robe.

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m glad I found you. Who knows how long you would have baked out here in the sun until someone found you.” He offered a hand and pulled me to my feet. His grip shot tingles up my arm as his healing magic gave me a little bit of energy. “What are you trying to do out here?”

“Get rich quick.” I said as I tried to brush some of the dust off my culottes.

He chuckled and offered me a drink. I didn’t need to know what it was. I was parched. I carried it over to a shaded spot against the rocks and sat to rest and drink deeply.

“I already stole quite a few.” I said in my defense, giving my bag a little pat to let the jingle prove it.

The white mage nodded and smiled warmly. “Maybe I should stick around awhile.”

“That’s very kind of you but I’m fine. I just have to be more careful. I won’t get into trouble again.”

“I doubt that.”

I sat quietly and pretended to concentrate on recovering myself. I really couldn’t argue the “won’t get into trouble again” part. Even if it was not today trouble tended to follow me.

“Have you seen Jenjen lately?” he asked breaking the silence.

“No, but I know where she is. She left on some business with her brother for a few weeks. She’ll be back.” I was happy to talk about something besides my embarrassments.

He frowned as his eyes glinted with mischief at the thought of the mithra. “Too bad. She’s grown on me since the first time I met her in that tiny port town. She has life.”

“That she does.” I smiled and softly laughed to myself. It thrilled me to discover the crush. I do love to see people I care about twiterpated.

He glowed and closed his eyes briefly as he gathered energy. My chest burned with the warmth of the white magic that briefly paralyzed me while it healed. My own skin glowed pearl white for just a moment before leaving me to gasp in a refreshingly painless breath. “Thank you.” I managed to whisper out.



Brodie said...

lol you do seem to have a gift for getting into trouble, especially when gilz are involved. I guess you can't help it though, you are a thief at heart. Just look at all the hearts you've stolen on FF and with your blog. : P Keep up the great work ^_^

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Aw thank you sweetie. That was a very very nice comment for a little snippet of a story.

kjarbo said...

hmmm.... i knew i shuld have stayed... in anny case well done again

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Why do you think you should have stayed?

kjarbo said...

ok if zero just raised you and healed you, ... i shuld have stayed with you and not let them hurt you

Zero teh mithra stealer! said...

lol. What actually happened was a little different. But the situation is very close. Nice to see my return also. I kinda thought it might happen since I followed you out to those goblins a few times.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Yeah, I know I changed it around a little Zerokb. I always do that. I tend to try to cut out a lot of the long distance link pearl conversations and make them a little more up close and personal though in hind sight I could have left it just as it happened and it would probably have been even sweeter and maybe a little more laughable. You can be such a softy.

I think back fondly of that time in our history though so I wanted to squeeze it in somewhere and here seemed to be a good time to memorialize it.

Gurok the Paladin said...

Are you absolutely sure it wasn't Zerokb lying on the ground? He gets into almost as much trouble as you do ^.^ He does know how to keep it a bit more quiet though. It's a cute little story and yes it is about time you squeezed Zerokb back in. Keep up the good work. /leaves you a plate of cookies.

jenn said...

*sneaks around and pounces on zero from top of the rocks* lies im right here *grins and purrrs*... ok enuff of my stupid ness, grate story ^^ as for the hunting of coines off gobs ^^ been there done that got the scares to prove it..*grumbls stupid mage gobs*

gurok the paladin said...

<.< ... >.> ... ok, am I the only one waiting for another good story? Miss Alison, either we get another story... or I am no longer sending you cookie packages.

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Not the cookies! I need them! Please check your email Mr. Gurok. I sent you my latest project earlier this week. I was starting to worry about you.