Friday, July 13, 2007

Visiting Norg

“We’re going to Norg.”

I rubbed my eyes. The sun wasn’t even fully up yet. “Gurok?” I mumbled.

“Of course it’s me. Who else? I have good news for you. We found out that Pete the Going-to-be-Dead-Soon makes Norg his home. We’re going to pay him a visit.”

“Norg? Should we gather help then?”

“No, if we need back up we can call for it. I don’t want to scare him into hiding and lose him again.” Tossing my clothes at me he grinned as he stopped to look at me then left my room.

The morning was still cool and dewy when we arrived at Kazham. I always loved the beauty of this island. Lush and in full bloom year round the exotic fragrance and musical wildlife made it a thrill for the senses.

Racing out of the small port town on rented chocobo I urged my bird to go faster cutting down the route the best I could. Competitive by nature I often turned the casual ride into an undeclared race.

“You may be able to win a foot race against me but on chocobo is whole new game.” He called ahead to me. He was on to my game.

“Well then why am I winning?” I grinned.

Turning hard around a blind corner my chocobo leapt over a goblin. Stunned the goblin turned to curse at us only to be kicked off the path as Gurok came racing behind me. Laughing hardily I forgot for a few moments the unpleasant reason for this trip.

Holding the saddle tightly I braced myself as my chocobo plunged down a dark hole near the outpost nearly unseating me as we landed. I always hated that part of the trip. Through a tunnel we ran towards the light that opened into a green damp valley with waterfalls coming down a cliff wall and a crystal clear lake. It was breath taking here.

Feeding his chocobo a speed apple it called out loudly and pushed into its bridle surging past me in a cloud of kicked up dirt and vegetation. Racing behind a waterfall Gurok vaulted off of his mount and let it run back to the stables.

Coming up behind him I patted my chocobo gratefully and gently slid down. “You cheated!” I accused.

“You must be rubbing off on me.” He laughed and turned to walk inside the cavern hidden behind the falls.

Inside was damp and dramatically cooler. In the dark I stumbled a bit until my eyes adjusted to the low light. The creatures that lived there looked up at us but didn’t bother challenging. They were an easy kill for seasoned veterans like us and they knew it.

Turning right and climbing the incline to the secret community of Tenshodo I resisted the urge to put Gurok between me and the skeletons that often wandered outside the gate. I knew they couldn’t do me any real harm but they still gave me the creeps. Without thinking I reached out and grasp the edge of Gurok’s armor as one turned and stared at me with his hallow eyes.

“Time to do some questioning.” Gurok smiled as he turned his head to look down at my fingers wrapped around his mantle. “Are you ok?”

If I were honest I would have told him my head was spinning and I felt sick ever since I got off that chocobo. Huffing I let go and straightened myself. “Of course. Save the silly questions for some pirate or something.”

“Hum... Yes, good idea. I can think of a pirate that I’d like to question with the edge of my sword.” He grinned in a rather frightening manor as he turned his blade in his hand. I had the suspicion that the pirate he wanted to use his sword on wasn’t going to be in there.


gurok the paladin said...

W00T!.. she admits I won the race! Have to do that race again.. this time to a picnic by that waterfall. ^^

Cyrex said...

Are you sure gurok isnt a dark knight by heart? :P he sure sounds like it.

Guankim said...

He's a DRK/PLD. All the emo, half the chivalry!! ^_~ Hehe, j/k Gurok xD

Brodie said...

Well of course he's Emo. What else would you expect when the woman he wants to marry likes a dead guy more than him. :P

Kallo Landis said...

From what I understand...there are all types of unsavory characters wandering Norg -- hope this Paladin can handle himself amongst all the riff and\or raff...

Norg can be pretty ugly sometimes...

Moe said...

I have to concur with Kallo on this one o.o

mendez said...

nice reading, greetings from unicorn :P

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Thanks new people. ^.^
Old ones too. Love the keep coming back type the best.

I'm a wee bit nervous about how the next part will turn out so I might take a little longer between new posts. :3

gurok the paladin said...

i assure you i have np handling myself in any city.. and as for you brodie.. you lost her before you died.. now be quiet and lay there worm food :P

Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Gurok! Brodie! Play nice. No name calling. Don't make me put you two in the corner for time out. I'll do it! Don't push me! You know I love you.

Bariko said...

Well, I must say, it's been a long time since I commented here. About a year since I commented first, if I recall correctly.

Your writing has improved amazingly, Allison, and I keep finding myself eagerly anticipating the next post.

You've got a nice, engaging story going on now, and it's flowing quite nicely. Thanks for keeping it up!



Alison the Amazing Thief said...

Thank you Bariko! Glad youre back to posting. /huggles